10 Fancy Scribblenauts DS Systems Up For Grabs At PAX

One reason to attend the Penny Arcade Expo next week is to go to Kotaku's panel. Another is to try to win one of these DSi systems illustrated by Scribblenauts artist Edison "Edy" Yan.

The folks over at Super Scribblenauts development studio 5th Cell sent us these pictures of the prize winnings. The way this works is that PAX attendees who go to the Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment booth and play the game will receive one of the buttons you see above, randomly picked. The first 10 people to present matching buttons will win the 10 DSi systems.

PAX 2010 will kick off on Friday September 3 in Seattle, Washington. The show runs through Sunday. Expect show coverage on Kotaku.


    Oh man.. they are so AWESOME!!! :(

    one day i'll make it to PAX... one day...

    So, wait, they're encouraging people to play the game more than once? Isn't that going to generate huge queues thus a lot of people will miss out...?


    I would KILL for that DS...

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