10-Foot Gundam Made Of Plastic Model Leftovers

What do you do with the runners—the leftover wires that hold together plastic model parts—when you are done building your tiny Gundams? Keep them until you have enough to build a giant 10-foot Gundam.

It took 250 man-hours to build this RX-78-2 Gundam. It's not full scale, but it's still quite impressive. [Goo via Technabob]


    that is AMAZING!

    Kudos to the guy that did it - that;s some serious dedication right there

      lol amazing is one way to put it... crazy would be the first word that pops to my mind :P

      Pretty sweet though, although i don't really get the whole Gundam thing

        There's not much to 'get'. Giant fighting robots are awesome in every language and at all ages.

    Thats awesome!

    Way to recycle bro!

    I would have to say that is cooler than the actual figurines that they built from the wire frames.

    Technically they are plastic sprues, not wires.

    /childhood spent with fingers super-glued together...

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