22 High-Calibre Demakes Of Modern Favourites

Bayonetta as a shmup; Dead Space on the Game Boy; and Brutal Legend as, what else, a graphical adventure. There isn't a single miss among this gallery of de-makes done over the past couple of years by Swedish artist Junkboy.

Some of these aren't new and may have been published elsewhere before. But they're all here in one place, and despite their small size, are full of detail waiting to be studied.

Red Dead Redemption done in a Gun.Smoke style was kind of funny, at least to me. Capcom's other western? Red Dead Revolver, which it dropped and sold to Rockstar.

Demake Dump [Way of the Pixel]

Batman: Arkham Asylum, Bayonetta, BioShock

Brutal Legend, Dead Space, Final Fantasy XIII

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Killzone, Littlebigplanet

Guitar Hero, Metal Gear Solid 4, Mirror's Edge

Noby Noby Boy, Need For Speed: Shift, Pikmin

Metroid: Other M, Sin & Punishment 2, Soulcalibur

Red Dead Redemption, Resident Evil 5

StarCraft, Mario Kart

Demake Dump [Pixelation]


    The graphics change but the games stay the same...

    Oh man. Final Fantasy XIII in FFVI style? YES PLEASE.

    What platform is the Starcraft demake targetting. I'm guessing the Gameboy Colour?

      looks like c64 to me?

    the ssbb idea looks so cool i'm considering building it in flash

    God how i wish playable versions of all these games were real...

    Seriously, Killzone done in a CONTRA format would absolutely freakin WORK.

    These are amazing - the way he's mimicked the style of each era is really convincing.

    These are fantastic. Kudos to the artist. He should release these weekly.

    I don't understand why they felt they had to do Mario Kart, as there was already a version for the SNES ( and seeing as the graphics in these 'demakes' are definitely not 8-bit, those are at least SNES or Playstation graphics ).

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