24 Years Of Metroid History, Narrated By Samus Aran

Team Ninja's upcoming Metroid: Other M is heavy on story. But what if you haven't paid attention in past Metroid games? How the hell will you know what's going on? Allow Metroid's heroine Samus Aran to explain.


    This is the same video we got to see at the Other M pre-launch event last week.

    Just made me want to go and play every metroid game all over again.

    Great video! I always love when video games do 'refresher courses' like this. Nothing about Metroid Prime 1/2/3 though, they supposedly happened in between Metroid and Metroid II.

    The VA for Samus seemed a bit over-dramatic, but that's ok, because I always imagined Samus to be the over-dramatic type anyway! It looks like Team Ninja is putting a lot of work into this game, can't wait to get my hands on it!

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