250GB Kinect Bundle Spotted

Microsoft's controller-free Kinect platform is getting a 4GB bundle that comes with an Xbox 360, 4GB of memory, a Kinect sensor, a game and a controller. That doesn't look like the only bundle.

The Australian packaging for the 4GB bundle shows what appears to be a 250GB bundle that comes with a 250GB hard drive and a headset.

The console in the 4GB bundle has a matte finish, while the console for the 250GB bundle has a glossy finish.

The packaging for the 250GB also notes this, "Hard Drive includes game and demos."

Kotaku is following up with Microsoft.

250GB Xbox Kinect bundle spotted on 4GB bundle packaging [Joystiq]


    Why would one bundle refer to memory and another to hard drive space in the same context???

      Because, unless I am mistaken, the 4GB console does not actually have a hard drive at all, but instead has 4GB of flash memory. Where as the 250GB console actually has a physical hard drive.

    I thought all Kinect stuff was supposed to be purple themed. Where is the purple in the 250GB picture?

      I would say thats to distinguish which one the consumer would be holding in there hand when looking at it.
      Perhaps the box on the 250GB is coloured and vice versa?

    does it come with a wireles controller?

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