360 Avatars Being Redesigned

Microsoft must think its 360 avatars are looking a little on the portly side, because come the release of Kinect in November, they're in for a little redesign.

Why? It's because of Kinect. Rare, the developers behind the avatars, say the motion-sensing camera has been causing problems for users when playing a game where their actions were replicated on-screen by an avatar.

It's not a technical issue with the camera; instead, it's apparently an issue with player perception, because the avatar's pudgy little cartoon proportions aren't like those of our more elongated selves. So people's hand-eye coordination in certain games "broke".

Nick Burton, senior programmer at Rare, says the new avatars will be a little more realistic.

Avatars redesigned for Kinect [OXM]


    Reality is most people probably DO look like their avatars... I know I used to... Until I got into my current lifestyle of fitness.

    Okay, lengthening the arms and legs are one thing, but I am pretty portly myself. I LIKE having an avatar that I can make more similar to myself.

      As my name suggests.. me too. I always max out the fatty slider when I create an avatar... I play with the fat mexican in RDR now and i like my avatar so much, I have a Windows 7 widget that allows him to be on my desktop on my PC... I want to keep my pudgy self!

      Have a look at him. Aint he cute?


        N'aw! He is! AWW!

        This is also something that made Fable II appeal. "Wait, wait, wait, I can make my character FAT?! Are you serious?! AWESOME!"

    I'm curious to see how this will affect avatar item purchases. Will developers be required to modify every item they've put up on the store, will all previous items be disabled (therefore screwing those who've purchased them), or will using them revert the body to the previous pudgy form, making them incompatible with anything that uses Kinect?

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