$500 Bayonetta Figure, Now In Living Colour

It takes a certain person to prepare themselves to spend half a grand on a Bayonetta figure.

That person, then, demands a certain quality. They demand attention detail, something this Volks piece has. They demand an impressive scale, something its 1/4 scale has. And they demand exclusivity, something that $US500 price tag more than takes care of.

So, this one ticks all the boxes, then! Provided you're a hardcore, hardcore Bayonetta fan and/or toy collector. Regular mortals, you can probably get by just looking at the pictures.

[via Tomopop]


    I imagine that I am one of a minority who absolutely loved this game, and plan to play it again.

    However, I don't love it, let alone earn enough to buy this exquisite figurine. Detailing is awesome on this, though I can't help feeling that something isn't quite right about it...

    I... REALLY don't like it...

    it's kinda creepy and sleazy... its just... wrong...

    with the way her tongue is out it actually kinda looks like she's kinda "special"... and i don't mean in the good way...

      Yeah it's beautifully made, but I'd prefer no tongue.. can't believe i said that.

      Totally agree about the tongue, was the first thing I noticed.

      I think this awfully overpriced, under-planned, sleazy statue is the perfect embodiment of the piece of shite that was Bayonetta.

        'cos you know *I* looked at it and thought it was amazing how well they'd made the tongue look realistically moist. Perhaps it is a little sleazy but I can imagine Bayonetta being the type of woman who might consider a guy a tasty morsel.

        Everything about it screams to me that even if you're trying to objectify her she's really objectifying you, which makes it a lot better than most models I've seen.

          Did you watch the Game Overthinker video where he analyses Bayonetta's character design? He came to the same conclusion: that Bayonetta was designed to be the first female game character who isn't merely sexually appealing, but is actually sexually INTIMIDATING.

    I'll be delaying sending in some 'show us yours' pictures until after I get this figure. Definately picking this up!

    Love the detail and the obvious effort put into this, but Chuloopa is right, the tongue is creepy.
    Slinky Bayonetta smile would be better.

    Awesome figure, needs a lollipop variant.

    How could you post pictures without showing her butt?

    It's not just this figure. All these $500 statues with panties and such are creepy as hell.

    meh i think ill take that Queen of Blades Statue that Kotaku posted yesterday. if that were life size in scale..it would be perfect in my living room to scare the shit out of folks as they enter house.

    well i think they got ONE thing wrong...

    the mouth is too small. specifically, not wide enough don't you think so?

    it's nitpicking considering the fact they got everything right...but the difference in the mouth makes her face not look like Bayonetta

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