A Closer Look At The Kinect Beta's Avatars And Dashboards

With the official Kinect Beta flooding out to those select few whom Microsoft invited to test out their upcoming motion gaming add-on, the images are already starting to stream in.

Here for your perusal is a closer look at both Kinect's new dashboard and menu systems and the revamped avatars hitting the Xbox 360 when the peripheral hits stores in November.

Kinect's new avatars

Kinect's dashboard and menus

Thanks anonymous tipsters.


    god this looks ugly...
    whats wrong with the current dashboard look

      I know. I don't know why they felt the need to change up the entire interface, just because of a new peripheral that only a fraction of X360 users will probably even buy.

    Hopefully MS stops being so stubborn and will finally add the ability to change the colours and personalize our dashboard a little more (like the PS3 has had from the start) - it could look quite nice with some colour changes... but I'm not holding my breath.

    Doesn't look like they've taken the opportunity to add more hairstyles either.


    Like i have said since the first time i saw this dashboard a while back. It looks so damn ugly. Sure it will be easier for those who get kinect. But for the huge percentage of us who aren't, are having to deal with a dashboard that to me looks like we have taken a step back in design.

    I want this update to never come. I want there to be a huge glitch or something that prevents it from being released to the public.

    oh my god. this looks terrible. its basically the same as what it is now, but simplified and squared.

    what are microsoft thinking? i think the current dashboard looks great! this new dashboard seems like a prototype/draft to the current one. its like a step back!

    microsoft better not keep this

    Stop bitching, it's nicer design-wise and they finally up-scaled the resolution of the dash and the avatars by the looks of it.

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