A Girl Finally Wins Top Prize At Pokemon World Championship

You wouldn't know it, but the world of competitive Pokemon card playing is a testosterone-fuelled world dominated by men. Or boys. Whichever!

Some are big, some are small, but the winners are typically dudes. Just look at the American Pokemon champs. They're guys. All two of them.

At the recent Pokemon World Championship in Hawaii, grade-schooler Yuka Furusawa from Japan became the first girl to win the Pokemon World Championship Junior Division.

Here, Furusawa battles rival Juan Pablo Arenas. Look at all those men! And they're whispering or something.

Another female player, Ann-Marie Thompson of the US, came in third place in the Senior Division.

Congrats to Yuka for her win and to Japanese comedian Golgo for that amazing vest.

Pokemon world champions crowned [Hawaii 24/7]


    I want that vest. I hate the damm things, but I would wear that everywhere. =D

    Also, nice work to the young lass for winning. I've seen these tournaments in action before, and the sheer number of guys to gals is astonishing, usually to the point I've seen girls just give up as they are so outnumbered.

      I too would wear that vest. It's nerdy as fuck but I'm a hipster douche in need of some ironic accessories.

    I love how serious business the old guys in the 2nd picture look.

    People pass this off as a mere child's plaything, but believe me, Pokemon is SERIOUS BUSINESS!

    I wish Australia had a bigger pokemon TCG/VG following

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