A Highly Questionable Source For The Nintendo 3DS's Release Date

We do not know when Nintendo is releasing its 3D-glasses-free portable, the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has said sometime this financial year. A seller of R4 cartridges has an exact date.

Retailer Magical Shanghai — a retailer that continues to ignore the court injunction against the R4 in Japan — is sporting a cardboard sign on its window that says the 3DS will be on sale on March 22. Nintendo's financial year ends in March 2011.

Nobody in Japan is taking this seriously, but rather, people seem somewhat amused that Magical Shanghai is so definite in its release date.

Earlier this summer, however, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime stated that the Nintendo 3DS will be released "next year".

Nintendo later said that the exec made a "mistake".

March 22, folks!

ニンテンドー3DS、3月22日発売予定。ただしソースはマジコン屋 [アキバBlog]


    Maybe Magical Shanghai knows something we don't?

      So that's the spot in time I left my store...

    Anime girl bent over out front of the shop...this guy seems legit. I'll trust that source

    if there's anything that i've learnt from the homeless, it's ALWAYS trust what is written on a peice of cardboard... more so if that box happens to be malt liquor.

    Maybe they know something Nintendon't?

      lol. that was so bad.

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