A Limited Edition Fable III Controller Fit For A King

If you're planning to rule over Albion as king or queen in Fable III comes in, you're going to need a controller befitting your lofty station. The official Fable III Limited Edition Wireless Controller should do the trick.

It may look a bit gaudy, but such are the trappings of royalty. Artists from Fable II developer Lionhead designed the Fable III Limited Edition Wireless Controller to resemble the Crown of Albion, as seen in one of the game's early trailers.

Microsoft sent us one of the controllers along with the news, and while I have to admit I thought it quite garish at first, it's beginning to grow on me.

The Fable III Limited Edition Wireless Controller starts shipping to stores on October 5, giving fans plenty of time to pick it up before the game arrives on October 26. $US59.99 grants you the controller lovingly nestled in collectable packaging, and an Xbox Live token for an exclusive in-game downloadable tattoo to give your character that distinctive "I bought the tie-in controller" look.


    do want... love the design!

    That's kind of pretty, I'm wondering how long it'd take me until I get sick of it though.

    Ooh, me like this! I was planning on getting the Halo Reach controller as my fourth and final one, but methinks I'll wait and see if we're getting this.

    I'll probably end up getting both and giving my boring white controller to my brother. >_<

    I like this!!
    A golden controller fit for the ruler of Albion :P

    Do want!

    Looks horrible im my opinion. I didn't realise throw up was the latest colour of choice for controllers.

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