A New Era Of Might And Magic Begins

Something is stirring in the world of Might and Magic, and all we have to work on is this teaser trailer, which appeared earlier today on the game's Facebook page. What does it mean?

Reader Tommy pointed us towards this clip, which showed up around an hour ago on the official Might and Magic Facebook page. For those of you video impaired, it features a crying angelic female figure, holding a blue flame as her wings burn away.

We've not seen a new entry in the Might and Magic role-playing game series since 2002's Might & Magic IX. Could this be a tenth entry in the RPG series? A complete reboot?

I suppose it's possible it could be a Heroes of Might and Magic game or some other spin-off, but the logo seems to make it perfectly clear that this is simply Might and Magic.

We've poked Ubisoft regarding the trailer, and will update should anything come of that poking. With GamesCom kicking off next week in Germany, I wouldn't expect this mystery to remain a mystery for too much longer.


    Well I loved M&M2 and played it to death. I have M&M5 but haven't got around to playing it. As for a reboot? Well thanks to ubisofts lovely PC DRM I'll be passing.....

    I remember Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and it's expansions, but have yet to delve into any of the other titles in the franchise. I liked the tradidtional Turn Based Strategy. :)

    Well it's about damn time! Now, how about someone acquies the license and reboots Wizardry, or Richard Garriot makes a new Ultima game? Those 3 are the original unassailable pillars of PC RPGs, long before Bioware even appeared on the scene.

    the systems underlying might and magic (not HoMM); open world, multiple/divergent quests and so on would be pretty attractive to developers i think. I mean, if the elder scrolls is so successful, why shouldn't a reboot of m & m be?

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