Ace Combat Returns To Consoles With Assault Horizon

Namco Bandai takes to the skies on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year with Ace Combat Assault Horizon, a rebirth for the franchise featuring helicopters, turret-gunning and quick-time events.

Fans hungry for a new console version of Ace Combat since the 2007 release of Ace Combat 6 on the Xbox 360 are on course to be sated next year, though it might taste a little different than they're used to.

This teaser trailer for Ace Combat Assault Horizon from Gamespot shows a massive battle taking place over the skies of Miami, indicating a departure from the fictional country combat we've grown accustomed to over the past few titles in the series. During the battle, prompts appear on-screen, urging the player to press the PS3's triangle button, performing a special manoeuvre and then ejecting from a damaged vehicle.

Later in the clip we're shown what looks to be helicopter piloting, as well as a segment where the player is firing a mini-gun from inside of a chopper.

It's an interesting departure, but one that might prove a bit jarring for players who just want to fly jets and shoot missiles.

What do you folks think?

Ace Combat Assault Horizon prepares for takeoff [GameSpot UK - Thanks Maikeru03!]


    That chase cam looks really messy in battle IMO, great for the adrenaline rush while half of the time you can't even see where you're going, I think if the camera were further back it would be awesome. Second one, the whole using the choppers, everytime I see choppers being used I keep thinking of CoD, shouldn't be used in a game like this to be honest, being a die hard Ace Combat fan and all.

    Other than that it looks brilliant, looking forward to seeing more of this


    I'm a diehard Ace Combat fan, and there as aspects of this Im loving and loathing all at once.

    I can't help but get the impression that Project Aces has stooped to trying to chase HAWX when they never really needed to to begin with. Quick time events? In Ace Combat? Are they kidding?

    The real world setting I'm not too fond of. I loved the strangereal world they had going for sheer virtue of the fact it kept vapid, flag-waving, fapping morons from getting indignant.

    On the plus side... Helicopters? At last! Maybe there is even hope for VTOL then. And as always, it's great to hear the musical overture from Ace Combat 5 return - that got a smile out of me.

    Granted I haven't played the whole series but I did love Ace Combat 6 a few years back. This looks very interesting, especially if ground detail is that good in a flight sim. Sad to see the ficitonal countries/world being absent.

    They should call this

    Call of Duty: Ace Combat

    About damn time!

    I'm ok with it being in the real world... so long as I don't hear the phrase "Dance with the angels" again.

    DO WANT. Well, given that they don't have a number in the title, I'm wondering if this is kind of a branch off from the series to play with new ideas, which is fine with me. Anything is better than HAWX's awful "assistance off" garbage.

    I better be able to get [email protected] skins for the planes, though.

    Also this ad is so obviously designed for the western market. You can be a Japanese version will be released with classical-ish music replacing the metal, and story replacing the explosions, just like the Front Mission Evolved trailers...

    I'm kinda torn about this. On one hand, you can hear it's still got the great music Ace Combat has.
    In some ways it looks like they've improved on the formula we're used to (the new camera, damage looks more involved, more manueverability), and in other ways gone backwards (QTEs).
    And it's a damn Ace Combat game. I want to dance with the angels, not piss about in helicopters.

    Are we coming to the point where every action game is apeing Modern Warfare?

    It's Ace Combat. Give us what we want: Super slick aerial combat with pretty planes.

    SHIT. YES.

    Can I preorder it yet?

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