Achievement Unlocked 2: Revenge Of The Pastry Pooping Pachyderms

The original Flash game Achievement Unlocked was a groundbreaking milestone in crossing virtual accomplishments off a list. Never has staying alive for 30 seconds or moving to the right felt so rewarding. Until now. Until Achievement Unlocked 2.

Armor Games has scratched the itch of achievement gathering once again in a new adventure starring a blue elephant on the hunt for achievements. What makes Achievement Unlocked 2 a worthy sequel? 250 new achievements, for one, many of them delightfully metagame in their nature.

Even better, though, is a new in-game marketplace where one can exchange virtual currency for virtual goods to unlock more virtual rewards.

I'm a little stuck right now, having secured 86 per cent of Achievement Unlocked 2's achievements. And even though I've clicked on the walkthrough - got that achievement - I'm not reading it. Go play Achievement Unlocked 2 while I do and take comfort in the fact that you're finally doing something important with your life.

Achievement Unlocked 2 [Armor Games]


    I've waited so long for this! Thanks so much for alerting me! *runs*

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