Activision Boss Loses Legal Battle After Sex Discrimination Case

Activision boss Bobby Kotick has lost a legal stoush with renowned lawyer Patricia Glaser over a 2007 sexual harassment case involving Kotick's private jet and one of its former flight attendants.

Kotick and Andrew Gordon, the head of the LA branch of Goldman Sachs investment bankers, run a company called Cove Management, which was created to essentially run a private jet the two men co-owned. One of their pilots was a man by the name of Phil Berg.

Anyway, it was alleged by Cynthia Madvig, a former flight attendant on the jet, that in 2006 Berg pressured her into being his "arm candy"; in other words, a public escort, someone to join him at dinner parties and the like. Madvig declined, at which Berg allegedly "set out to make life miserable" for her, including one instance where she says he made her clean the plane's toilet while he stood there "leering" at her.

Madvig told this to Gordon, who did nothing, and two months after reporting the incidents, Kotick fired her, saying "The guys are unhappy with the hostile environment."

What followed was an unusually lengthy legal battle, where Kotick and Gordon not only battled Madvig in the courts (who accused them of, among other things, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and failure to prevent sexual harassment), but one of their former law firms as well, following a dispute with Glaser's team over legal fees.

Indeed, Kotick & Gordon have ended up paying Glaser's firm more than they paid Madvig; Madvig settled out for court for $US200,000 (plus $US475,000 for legal fees), while a court last year ruled that Kotick & Gordon had significantly under-paid Glaser, and awarded her $US938,458 (plus $US479,898 in fees).

Kotick & Gordon appealed against that ruling, but last month it was determined that the original decision would be upheld.

Video game mogul Kotick loses fight with top Hollywood litigator [LA Times]


    LOL good to see, to be honest.

    Black Ops RRP increase incoming.

    Someones going to have to foot his legal bill's and I'm pretty sure it wont be him!


    Seriously, this is Karma. The judge must have been a gamer or felt robbed after buying their family copies of MW2. (or he's just a slimy b4stard)

    So now we know the reason for Activision's price-fixing on Steam: raising funds to pay for Kotick's debauched lifestyle.

    "Kotick and Andrew Gordon, the head of the LA branch of Goldman Sachs investment bankers"

    Don't they say you can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps? IIRC Goldman Sachs got something like 10 billion dollars in bailout money in 2008, then paid it all off and had their best year ever in 2009...

    I'll be honest, I'm happy knowing that something's wiped that smug smile off his face.

    Bahahahah suck it Kotick.

    Wait... don't... you might take me up on that offer... I don't wanna hit you with a lawsuit!

    Why does this not surprise me? Because Kotick is a dick who treats his employees like crap.

    Men become Boss' and CEOs with a lot of money. They grow fatter than usual. 9 times out of 10 they have been hit with the ugly stick.
    They think with their 'power' and money they can do what they like.

    He has got a creepy face though don't he? It's not surprising.

    Im still stuck on the fact that he makes that much money off overcharging us that he can waste it on the likes of a Jet, huge lawsuits...

    I guess hes doing a good job rippin off his staff too. Now to see what happens with the IW case.

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