Activision: Call Of Duty Creator Infinity Ward Will 'Rise From The Ashes'

Embattled Call of Duty and Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward lost a good portion of its top tier talent this year following the well-publicised firings of its founders. But Activision believes the developer's "very specific culture" can be rebuilt.

Activision executive VP David Stohl, head of the mega-publisher's worldwide studios, tells Develop that the gutted developer that he is "100 per cent confident that the studio will come back to what it was", in part thanks to the talent the Encino-based studio has been attracting.

"I'm not going to sit here and say no good talent left the studio, because obviously a lot of good talent did," Stohl admits. "But a lot of people who are really passionate about their job are still there. There's a development philosophy that remains intact, and the studio is attracting amazing new talent.

"Ultimately, Infinity Ward will rise from the ashes."

Stohl says it will support the hard hit studios, but that "we don't want to tamper with that group of people."

Activision: Playing Tough [Develop]


    They didn’t leave the studio Stohl, you fired them.

    "But Activision believes the developer’s “very specific culture” can be rebuilt."

    Are they going to hire Fox News to handle HR? They’re pretty efficient at spreading that "fear and pessimism" that Bobby seems to love so much.

      It can be rebuilt... it's just that it's being done over at EA.

    When they say rise from the ashes I think they're mistaking a zombie for a phoenix.

    If Infinity Ward 'rise' it will be as a shambling travesty of life, bereft of almost all it's originally faculties. A rotting, limping creature with no purpose or place in the world wishing only to consume.

    And no I probably won't be preordering Modern Warfare 3.

    After the string of people that have left IW this year - would they even be handling MW3 any more since Activision (more like Kotick) wants it to get in stores Christmas 2011, i would not be surprised if it was shoved off to another dev or be a collaborative effort between IW and another studio.

    Either way i am not interested in MW3 on any level, however i will wait and see how Black Ops pans out.

      i'm sure you can bank on black ops to just be more hand-holding linear boring [email protected] we expect from a COD game

    I hope they crash and burn. Treyarch is the only good thing left of CoD.

    Also They dont have a culture. They had a FPS that was good, any Dev and do simmilar or Better it.


    This is just totally disrespectful to the original IW team. I don't even like CoD style games, but it's tasteless. There won't be any Infinity Ward comeback, just some perverse corporate jerks stringing up the corpse like some kind of perverse marionette.

      Did I say perverse enough, there? I don't think I did. Perverseperverseperverse.

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