Addicted Gamer Sues Lineage, Wants 20,000 Hours Of His Life Back

A Hawaii man is suing the makers of Lineage II, a product he says is so dangerously addictive that he played it for 20,000 hours over five years, forgetting to get dressed, bathe or call mum during that span.

Better yet, a federal judge is letting the lawsuit, a negligence claim, to proceed against NCsoft. Normally, publishers ask for dismissals of these sorts of claims, and normally judges agree. But US District Judge Alan Kay sees something in the case that indicates "plaintiff has stated a claim for both negligence and gross negligence".

That claim, by Craig Smallwood, says he became so addicted to Lineage II that he is "unable to function independently in usual daily activities such as getting up, getting dressed, bathing or communicating with family and friends." He says he played the game for 20,000 hours between 2004 and 2009. For reference, that five-year span amounted to 43,848 hours (two leap days boosted the total.)

Judge Kay's ruling came on August 4; on Tuesday, NCsoft again asked him to toss the claim.

Addicted Gamer Sues Game-Maker, Says He is ‘Unable to Function' [Wired]


    I will be absolutely disgusted if he wins that case.

      Why? If he loses, fine - it's a longshot idea.
      If he wins, however, maybe MMORPG players might see ti and realise that sometimes, DYING IN REAL LIFE FOR A GAME IS A STUPID IDEA!

        Anyone who would die in real life because of a game is mentally unbalanced, and would just find another way to kill themselves. Don't blame the game.

        Don't even blame the game designers. It's not like they're trying to make their games like crack, they're trying to make them fun enough that you want to keep playing, if that's a crime then you would have to sue every game creator, every tv show, every book writer. Bloody everything.

          Incorrect... they actaully are trying to make their games, under the guise of fun, as addictive as crack ... even to the point of hiring behaviour experts to make sure it works.
          Gte your facts straight

            Alarmist much? Have you ever watched a TV show and it ended with 'to be continued'? Or maybe you've seen a sequel because it continued with characters you enjoyed.

            Of course they make their games/books/movies... ENTERTAINMENT products entertaining and involving. Sure, it's addicting, it's habitual – because we enjoy it – like recording your favourite show so you can watch it later if you're not home.

            If you don't like capitalism – providing people with what they want, at a price – I'm sure there's plenty of second- and third-world countries that would have you.

            By the way... do you log onto Kotaku every day? You're addicted, oh noes...

    Well I suppose we can hope that the judge is a smartarse and wants the case to go to trial specifically so the poor victim (of his own stupidity) will get an epic bitchslap and the case will set a legal precedent set in america for taking responsibility for your own actions

      Please let that be what it is.

    He's got less of a case than smokers against tobacco companies, and I can't remember the last time they were sued. Judge is ignorant to let this proceed.

    He's able to function well enough to lodge a lawsuit... wierd that...

    We can only hope that sitting still for so long has rendered him unable to reproduce.


      (1 billion trillion freakin gazillion)

      Only in America.

        Hawaii is seperated by a huge mass of ocean from America. It has different culture, accents and people. Want to keep being racist atleast get it right.

        Only in Australia.

          This may shock you, but Hawaii is in fact PART of America, you moron.

    I have played Lineage 2 for quite some time many years ago and it actually tells you after a couple of hours to take a break..... Sound's like this guy didn't have too many of those... It's his own fault he got addicted.

    Ultimately, the man had a choice.

    If he wins, the first thing I'll do is gamble my lifesavings away at a casino and sue them for my addiction.

    So a completely irresponsible loser is suing the makers of a game which he put above his own wellbeing? How about he nut up or shut up. No-one's forcing him to play at gunpoint. If he lacks the self-control required to... you know, live. Then that's his goddamn problem. Frivolous Litigation like this pisses me off.

    I see the same shit with fat people wanting to sue Fast Food manufacturers for turning them into slobs. Again, it's a question of self-control and responsibility. These people will seek to blame everyone but themselves, I've even heard a man blame his obesity on social phobia. Never stopped him leaving the house for McDonald's though. You'd think that being afraid of meeting people will keep him at home and cultivate an appreciation for home cooking.

    Ok I can get engrossed in a game, or a book quite easily if it's gripping.

    If I have something to do, like go to bed, to get up for work. I set my watch to give me a 15 minute warning. Which means find the next save point, or paragraph break and call it a night. If I have nothing to do I'll play till I feel tired or bored.

    Now I have put off doing the dishes until the next morning more than once, but I think that's more because I hate doing it than because of a game.

    what a loser

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