Adult Game Gets Twitter Service

Microblogging service Twitter allows people to share what they are doing with others. That might include playing erotic computer games.

Game developer Moonstone is shoehorning Twitter functions into its adult title AngelRing. Those functions will allow players to tweet, reply, tweet about the scene they are currently playing, collect tweets about the game and the game's developer, playback voice or a scene that has been tweeted about, check links and change font size automatically.

In the future, the developer plans to enable the ability to read tweets about scenes in progress, tweet about a particle in-game image and tweet about the game's music. Moonstone is checking to see if the server can handle the ability to post a real-time screenshot.

These games are traditionally single-player experiences, but Moonstone is trying to build a community around this title. While not for everyone's gaming tastes, this isn't necessarily a bad thing!

【コラム・ネタ・お知らせ】 エロゲーが1.5倍楽しくなる!!Twitter連動機能!! [アキバBlog via Canned Dogs]


    I'd give it a try if they released it in English, which sadly will never happen. It's almost depressing to read articles like this about games (Even erotic ones, I guess) that you know you will never have the opportunity to play. Likewise with many of the visual novels and such. Since they don't 'appeal' to Westerners, the few of us who do like them miss out. Alas.

      Perhaps it's time to do some Japanese?

      I did, best thing ever as a gamer.

    @AnimeGal This scene is so hot! I'm totally rubbing one out right now! #imgonnaimgonna

    @MangaMan Ew! That's gross. I'm just...enjoying the dialogue. Yup. Really! #notdenial

    @MangaMan @AnimeGal Yeah right. You've got your Squirtle out while he has his JigglyPuff out. XD #teamredrocket

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