All The Comiket Cosplay You Can Handle

Comiket, the twice a year comic book expo, was held over the weekend in Japan. Comic Market isn't only about comics. It's also about cosplay!

Reader Sam, who sent Kotaku pics from last December's Comiket, has once again sent along Comic Market cosplay photos.

For more photos, check out Kotaku Japan's coverage here and here.


    For some reason, Asian Cammy just doesn't do it for me.

    Some spectacular costumes, though.

    Great photos.
    How many Kotaku readers from Aus frequent comiket I wonder?
    Perhaps we should stage a meetup?
    Speaking of meetups... does anyone know what the hell happened to Shingo from Heisei Democracy?

    For that Bridget, like the character, it is hard to determine gender.

      ...just by looking, I should add. I know Bridget's a dude in the games.

    I reckon I could handle more.

    OMG female Goten and Trunks! HAHA Hercule in the background!

      That's Mr. Satan to Japanese fans! I LOVE the Goten's hair, it looks fantastic!

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