All The Otakon Cosplay You'd Ever Want?

Well, maybe you'd like some more. Maybe this is enough. Maybe it's not enough. I dunno!

The Otakon pop culture convention held in Baltimore played host to its fair share of cosplayers. Website Japanator was on hand to capture them for posterity.

Otakon, a mish-mash of "Otaku" and "convention", has been held since 1994, making it one of the longest running events of its kind.

Otakon '10: Cosplay Gallery Part 3, Otakon '10: Cosplay Gallery Part 5, Otakon '10: Cosplay Gallery Part 2, Otakon '10: Some quick cosplay to hold you over [Japanator]


    Mad props to the guy rockin' the 8-Bit evil Chozo statue costume. Greatest idea ever!

    That's also a lot of Snakes. 10 Points for Funeral Snake (Weirdest camo ever.)

    Hey, it's Jake from J-tor, in his creepy Miku outfit!

    I was looking at the princess costume in the pink dress and thought to myself.. wow that is one fat princess... and then immediately thought how brilliant the Fat Princess costume was!

    ...unless it was suppose to be Peach

      Whiiiiich it definitely was.

    Haha, that Cell costume was awesome.

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