American McGee's Alice, The Officially Licenced Cosplay

There's cosplay, where kids coble together their own outfits using stitches, fabric and rubber, and then there's cosplay, where an official costume from a game is made commercially available. Like this one, for American McGee's Alice!

Available from Party City, it'll cost you (or that special, role-playing someone in your life) $US60. For that, you'll get the dress, a skull bow and necklace, with those strappy shoes sadly not included.

You'll also have to find your own mangy cat and set of giant knives.

Adult Alice Costume - American McGee's [Party City, via Super Punch]


    Man, that just represents so many of my fantasies right there :D

    I'll be in my bunk.

    But the shoes are the best part...

      yeah the shoes are what makes the costume

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