Americans Get Russia Fighting The US

In upcoming sci-fi third-person-shooter Vanquish, Russia and the United States face off. That wasn't the original plan, though.

"With Vanquish, for example, the original idea for the story was for China to invade the US, but when we started testing that with Western audiences they didn't understand it," Vanquish designer Shinji Mikami told Edge. "They couldn't get their heads round that idea."

Americans couldn't get their head around the idea? Cue the evil Russians! So Vanquish was changed to Russia against the U.S.

"Well, actually, initially the game is about Russia versus the US," Mikami added. "I can't really talk about the story but not everything is as it seems in the beginning."

Interview: Shinji Mikami [Edge Magazine via Kotaku Japan]


    Always blame everything on the Russians...

    Thanks a lot America, I would like to have fought Chinese NPC's for once :)

      You might get close with Shogun Total War, I believe. (By close, I mean medieval Japan)

    The Chinese concept would be cool, like a cutting edge, oriental design for the mechs, multiplayer options with the guns having more ammo but slightly less damage, Chinese patriotic crackle on your radio... i dunno.

    A third of the way through the game, it's revealed that the Russians are genetically engineering Trigen and the game becomes unplayably bad from that point onwards.

    It worked fine enough in Fallout. Who exactly do they test this stuff on? people with an IQ under 80.

    FPS games are getting boring with it always being the same sides fighting each other and you always play as an American. How about they bring out a game where you play as the Russians for once? Or even better a game that features England vs America or China vs Russia or something.

    Lame.... China invading the US would have actually been realistic!

      Actually, the thought of anyone invading the US isn't believable. America's the dominant superpower right now, not because they have a huge army (they don't really), but because of power projection.

      Their navy is larger than the next 10 or so nations' armies combined. Ditto with their Air Force. Their military's technology is quantitatively and qualitatively leagues ahead.

      So even if China has a few million troops, it's not going to account for squat if the US is whole oceans away and protected by the largest and most advanced military in the world.

    I can just imagine the focus group's confusion.

    "but...but... Wheres the vodka? And the fur hats? Isn't that what bad guys wear? Fur hats, right guys?"

    I'm sure that if they'd explained that the Chinese are Communists they would've understood the concept.

    Dunno whether this is funny or sad. A bit of both, maybe. Too many CODS and Battlefields have taught a generation that pure evil is eastern European.

    *sigh* Looks like Russia has take the mantle once held by the Nazis and Zombies.

    i can just see a real life newspaper headline. China Invades America: American's Scratch Collective Heads.

      China Invades America: American’s Scratch Collective Heads as Australia fight back.


        China Invades America: American’s Scratch Collective Heads as Australia imposes trade sanctions to fight back.


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