And Finally, Years Later, My Wii Is Online

The Nintendo Wii launched in 2006. For one reason or another, I wasn't able to get my Wii online, save for a brief spell when Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released. Today all that changed, and my Wii is online.

This morning, a wonderful fellow at Nintendo was kind enough to walk me through the process and voila, my console is now connected. Big thanks to Nintendo for that!

It's been nearly four years since the Wii hit retail, and I feel like I've got so much to catch up on. There's so much I feel like I've missed. It's like when you discover a cool television that's well on into its life, and there all these back episodes you need to watch.

WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console recommendations more than welcomed!


    Hate to break it to you... but you haven't really missed anything...

    Most WiiWare titles are garbage, and the ones that aren't are usually available on PSN/XBLA or Steam.

    Virtual Console games are great... if you want to rebuy games you bought years ago at inflated prices (not to mention, not be able to transfer them if you buy a new console:

    The Online play is dismal, friend codes make even playing with your buddy a chore, not to mention the servers being horrible.

    The single best thing about having the Wii online is the homebrew browser: An app that ties into the homebrew channel, and scours the net to find the latest versions of the best homebrew games and applications on the web. It's also great for uploading applications like the USB loader (for the Wii Hard Drive hack) without having to keep switching in an SD card from your PC.

    Something tells me you don't have your Wii modded, Bashcraft, but I could be wrong!

    Homebrew channeeell.... bannerbomb?

    What ever you do, no matter HOW MUCH YOU WANT IT. DO NOT, I report, DO NOT by Zelda OT......... They fucked the controls up, and there is no vibration, witch means no feed back for finding those dam spiders so you can carry more gold around.

    the wii online is a joke and a chore. theres no sense of community. you feel so alone. nintendo need to lift their game.
    but why should they care. the wii is selling millions.

    All the classic 64 games! (does it have lylat wars?)

    Bannerbomb didn't need internet access, or the homebrew channel.

    Not that I ever tried it of course, much too fearful of bricking.

    I have to say, compared to the PS3 and 360, setting up the Wii to get online was a hell of a chore.

    It took a while before I bothered taking my Wii online as well and that was only for WiiWare anyway.

    I haven't invested in too much given the premium cost of points and lack of post-console ownership of titles (especially compared to services like Steam where you buy stuff for 50-80% off and have it so long as Valve stays in business and torrents stops anything from being unavailable if things get pulled otherwise), but I did grab a couple of multiplayer titles and have my eyes on a few single player titles I'd eventually like:

    Driift Mania (800 points) - it has similar issues to Split/Second in terms of oddly spongy steering, but once you work out the quirks (such as how much oversteer is needed for most vehicles) it's a nice little throwback to the old Ironman Offroad style of top-down single-screen multiplayer racing (for up to 8 players!)
    It has a dozen or so tracks and a large selection of vehicles and some interesting game modes to unlock.

    Bubble Bobble Plus (800 points) - a nice revision of Bubble Bobble, though the physics have changed a bit so it plays quite differently. Handling and bubble popping isn't as precise but it's alleviated by having unlimited credits for a change. The one bugbear is not updating the old levels for the new physics (level 72 is impossible unless you get VERY lucky or happen to be one of those nasty pixel-perfect frame-counters whom nobody likes to play fighting games against outside of pro tournaments). But it has 100 new levels for four players which makes it worthwhile for groups with surplus retro-gamers (and there are two DLC sets of extra hard levels that are each 200 points for 50 levels)

    If you're after other party-multiplayer retro-remakes there is always Bomberman (though I still wish we got the proper retail game like Japan and not the stripped down battle-only WiiWare release)

    Mr. Driller W is 800 points (it's single player only, but I highly recommend a version of Mr. Driller if you like the idea of playing Dig Dug inside a live Tetris board!)

    I've read good things about Swords & Soldiers (1000 points) - a bit like King Arthur's World for the SNES - but I think it's also getting updated for XBLA or PSN

    The Lost Winds games have always interested me (1000 points for either of them) - meant to be some decent little gimmick-based platformers

    There aren't too many 'must haves' like XBLA has though.. it depends more on if you happen to like retro remakes or if you're catering to a younger gamer who would appreciate some of the polished but short action adventures like Jett Rocket.

    Be sure to check reviews though because a lot of it is pretty hit and miss and there are some pretty tragic family sports titles which lack the benefits of retail versions in that you can't even use them to keep coffee stains off wooden tables!

    I've downloaded a lot of Rock Band DLC thanks to getting my Wii online. Other than that... not much.

    My Wii is connected online but good luck seeing me on it. As far as I'm concerned it isn't an 'online multiplayer' system. In other terms I rate online as such: 360>>PS3>>>>>>>>>>>>WII

    art style and bit trip are good choices. swords and soldiers, a 2D RTS was good. old treasure games on VC. but prices are too much.

    ha ha it's hilarious to see all the wii haters come out of the wood works when an article like this appears. If you have nothing to say, here's a tip, don't say anything.

    There are plenty of good reasons to put the wii online...they just don't match what you'd expect from the 360.

    Wiiware has lots of great games like Lost Winds, Bit Trip, Art Style to name a few. Also download the mii channel for some amusing mii competitions. Mario Kart online is a MUST play.

    Also if you have a family there is a good trivia quiz game that we have had fun with called TV Show King.

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