Apache Air Assault Takes Off In November

The all-helicopter combat game we've all been waiting for, as Activision reveals a November release date for Gaijin Entertainment's Apache Air Assault, with hot new screens to boot.

Crecente and I couldn't be more excited to welcome this console generation's first dedicated helicopter combat sim on November 9 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. As the latest batch of screenshots attest, this game includes helicopters and they indeed shoot at things. That's all any video game really needs, right?


    Man, they does look pretty damn neat... nice and spick too

    The last time i played a decent helicopter-only game was back in my days of playing Super Thunder Blade and Desert/jungle strike...

    Lets hope this one does both of those game proud :D

    This, Ace Combat... the helicopter is back, baby!

    A console game can never be called a "Sim". I've never seen an Apache flown with a gamepad. Ever.
    Make a UAV game, then you can call that a sim I guess, cos that's how they fly them... well maybe they do at least have a stick and throttle...

      Was sad to hear this isn't on PC. I would love to play this with my joystick. Not sure if i'll get it for console or not.

    Anyone know if this is actually getting released in Australia?

      i would like to know that too

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