Apache Air Assault Takes Off In November

The all-helicopter combat game we've all been waiting for, as Activision reveals a November release date for Gaijin Entertainment's Apache Air Assault, with hot new screens to boot.

Crecente and I couldn't be more excited to welcome this console generation's first dedicated helicopter combat sim on November 9 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. As the latest batch of screenshots attest, this game includes helicopters and they indeed shoot at things. That's all any video game really needs, right?

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    Man, they does look pretty damn neat... nice and spick too

    The last time i played a decent helicopter-only game was back in my days of playing Super Thunder Blade and Desert/jungle strike...

    Lets hope this one does both of those game proud :D

    This, Ace Combat... the helicopter is back, baby!

    A console game can never be called a "Sim". I've never seen an Apache flown with a gamepad. Ever.
    Make a UAV game, then you can call that a sim I guess, cos that's how they fly them... well maybe they do at least have a stick and throttle...

      Was sad to hear this isn't on PC. I would love to play this with my joystick. Not sure if i'll get it for console or not.

    Anyone know if this is actually getting released in Australia?

      i would like to know that too

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