Apple Holding A Musical Special Event Next Week

It's time for another Apple event next Wednesday, with music themed news of some sort teased by this fruity guitar picture. What other news could be coming on September 1?

Our sister site, Gizmodo, speculates on several different bits of news that could come of next week invitation-only, internet clogging special Apple event in San Francisco, from Facetime-ready iPod Touches to a Cloud-enhanced iTunes.

I'm personally hoping for news of the promised Game Center, or perhaps an OS upgrade for the iPad so I can finally multitask, but I won't hold my breath. I learned long ago to avoid hopeful speculation as far as Apple is concerned and simply roll with the punches as they come.

Apple Holding Music-Related Event On September 1 [Gizmodo]


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    This is a gaming website.

    Leave this on Gizmodo where it belongs.

      Like it or not, "iPod Touch" is now a gaming-related tag. iOS has proven itself as a viable gaming platform.

    They're going to announce that from now on all iPods will only play music that Steve Jobs likes to listen to.

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