Are You Sure You Don't Want To Jailbreak Your iPhone?

Reader Paul Brown sent along images of a a new iMario theme he created for the iPhone 4. The catch? You'll need to jailbreak your phone to install it.

Makes me wish I had an iPhone 4... a jailbroken iPhone 4.

iMario [Mac Themes]


    Go on, you know you want to :)

    Stick it to the Jobs!

    That is incredibly pretty :D

    That is pretty damn sweet. Makes me want to pay off my existing contract and get that a iPhone 4.

    Is there any benefit to NOT jailbreaking your iPhone? Seriously, it seems like some arbitrary block apple have put there to piss modders off

    Ooo, that's something I want.

      Ok, I did not read that properly, I don't have an iphone 4 and don't really plan to get one. Oh well.

    And yet the much cooler Android live wallpaper requires no jailbreak to be awesome.


      Seriously? Is this bashing necessary in every article every written about either of these platforms? Can't you all just shut up and be happy with whatever stupid phone >>>***YOU***<<< want to own.

      See what I made an effort to highlight there? See it? It means no one cares!

        The internet has to argue about *something*. Would you rather we went back to Playstation vs XBox?

        I actually care about knowing about Andriod arguments, etc. I have had an iphone for about a year and am looking forward to changing to something I don't have to hack with jailbreak to get it 50% working out of the box.

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