Ash, Something Is Different

The next Pokemon series, Pokemon: Black & White, is all new Pocket Monsters right up until the end. As previously posted, the anime has two old friends.

But Ash (who is called "Satoshi" in Japan) looks slightly different. Commenters have pointed out that Ash's eyes look different from the way they have looked in previous anime.

Ash isn't the only one that is getting a slight makeover. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny look different, too.

Maybe, though, this isn't Ash! Doubt it because that would be confusing for little kids, but maybe. Maybe it's his twin. He's twin with big brown eyes.


    Why are you destroying my child hood Nintendo? You could of just as easly made a new protagonist for Best Wishes, you didn't have to mess with Ash.

    Hes on drugs.

      Ha ha, totally!

    Looks as if they want to shift the animation style so that it conforms with today's other animes...meaning just mainly changing the eyes.

    Mabe it's his kid.
    Maybe they'll finally let him grow up after so many years...

    We now return to "Battling Seizure Robots"

    I believe he is wearing circle lenses.

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