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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I’ll be doing this every Wednesday from 1pm.

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Hi David,

    I had this one ready to go for 1pm Wednesday so i'd be first in!

    Whats the deal with the prices for 1st party Nintendo software?

    Take Super Mario Galaxy 2 for example, it was on special at several retailers for a short period when it first came out, down to $79 I think at JB Hi-Fi.

    Its now back to $89 dollars where I would imagine it will stay for the next 5 years. In line with Mario Kart Wii (2008 - $89), Super Mario Galaxy (2007 - $99), Super Smash Bros Brawl (2007 - $79) and Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006 - $89). Paper Maro and Super Mario Bros Wii are also still full price games.

    The issue also applies to Nintendo DS games, its very common to see Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (2007) selling for the same or more full retail price as Zelda: Spirit Tracks (2009).

    I would guess that it's Nintendo keeping the prices up, as these games are never on sale anywhere. I saw Twilight Princess for $50 at GAME during their crazy sales a month ago but thats the cheapest i've ever seen it. It's 4 and a half years old, AND a Gamecube game!

    I understand that Nintendo have released VERY few decent games this generation and that these games probably continue to sell, but to find Xbox or PS3 games priced like this at their respective ages would be ridiculous. Most Xbox and PS3 games are down to $70 after a few months and <$49 after a year or so, not only that but games for these machines tend to get cheaper faster the MORE they sell, not the other way around.

    Have you ever spoken to Ninendo about this issue?
    Is it time for Nintendo to put at least some of these games into a 'Classic' range at <$49?

    I love Nintendo but this should be taken into consideration by anyone claiming the Wii is the 'cheapest' console.

      Just to add to this, mate of mine picked it up (Super mario) on release date at JB for $69 (I was with him)...

        I've been meaning to buy Zelda and play it through since I got the console, when's the price going to drop!

        I, too, got Mario Galaxy 2 for $69 on release day at JB Hifi. I've yet to see the price drop that low again (unless I've missed some super special or other).

        It does seem odd that this should only occur for Nintendo, doesn't it?

      This has always bothered me as well.

      I don't own a Wii, but if I were to ever get one the games you listed would be the top of my list.

      I'm sure that Nintendo knows that there are only a handful of great titles among the piles of shovelware games released for the Wii.

      The reason they don't drop the price of these "must-have" titles is that people continue to pay for them at set price. I would say at least 3-4 of the titles listed are in the Top 10 monthly sales just about every month.

      When consumer demand is constantly high, why drop the price?

      Really good question!

      I could speculate, but let me try to get some comment from Nintendo first. If not, then I'll be back here to speculate away...

      I'm happy to speculate!

      Nintendo know (most) people will pay it, regardless of how old it is. When someone buys a Wii they'll usually want Mario and Zelda games, so they'll cough up for it.

      As opposed to on the other consoles, where, say, a sports or racing or shooter will drop in price because there is constant competition and newer titles coming out to steal their thunder. Nintendo doesn't have to worry about this competition on its own console so it has no reason to drop the price.

        yeah id just put it down to nintendo makes the best games for their consoles and i would still be willing to put full price down on twilight princess now as opposed to something like the next Cod/MoH/BF

      Target were selling Mario Galaxy 2 in their Toy Sale for $69. I got JB to beat the brice and paid $62 for it.

        I think you guys are right and that it's just the case that people keep buying them at $90+ so why drop the price?

        My Wii hasn't even been plugged in since Christmas, I've found that earlier in the console generation when all current gen games were full price I would often be able to justify buying a Wii game over an Xbox game if I had a spare $100.

        Its just hard now to justify buying any of the games listed above (the only games I really want), when you've got games like Gears 2, Halo 3, Uncharted 2 or any number of other big (and console exclusive) games selling for half the price.

        I would be interested to hear any official comment from Nintendo.

    For Ryan Thomas.....
    “David, do you know any Video Game Sound Designer in Aus that I could talk to about the industry?”

      Damn, beat me to it :P

        Still trying to earn my Kotaku Kommunity stripes....

        +1 form me!

          Stephan is an awesome sound designer based in Melbourne, he may be able to help you out. His site has lots of useful articles as well.

          The local IGDA is a good place to ask around as well.

      Yes. Ryan Thomas should email me.


    Thoughts on the NBA Elite 11 and NBA Jam HD bundling?

    Along with alot of people I'm pissed off!

    Why should we be forced to buy a game we don't want in order to play what is essentially a demo of the game we do want?

    I know no-one is forced as such, but I was really looking forward to NBA Jam HD.

    I would have been more than happy to pay in excess of $30 for this as PSN / XBLA title, as I'm sure many others would have also.

      Having never been a 'sports' gamer, it continues to amaze me just how devoted people are to their chosen sports franchise. But, having seen some sort of mention of the issue in the past, it does seem somewhat of a cheap move that stiffs the customers.

      Precisely. No one is forcing you to do anything. Last week, NBA Jam was a Wii-only game. It still is, in terms of the full game. This week, NBA Elite purchasers get some unexpected bonus content - for free! - and suddenly everyone hates EA. I really don't get it.

      If you want NBA Jam, buy the Wii version. If you don't have a Wii, wait three months and it'll be out on PSN/XBLA then you're out of luck.

        I think this wording in your answer sums up what I see as the problem:

        "NBA Elite purchasers get some unexpected bonus content"

        Great if you were already planning on picking up Elite, but as far as I can tell, most people who wanted Jam weren't planning on being Elite purchasers, but now might consider it. Which is great short term marketing, but given the public response, possibly terrible long term marketing.

          Surely most people who wanted Jam are simply going to buy it on the Wii? I don't understand why anyone would now go out and buy a game they originally didn't want just to get a limited version of another game.

          The thing is, while this is a blatant ploy by EA to boost NBA Elite sales, it's also incredibly unlikely that they'd develop a 360/PS3 version of NBA Jam (even if it's not the full game) just to release as a bonus to NBA Elite purchasers.

            Regardless, wouldn't it make business sense to release a full downloadable version on other formats?

            I have a feeling this may occur down the track.

            Not at all, even when it was first announced there were rumours that it would pop up on PS360 in the end as well.

            From that point on I would have held off for some time before looking at picking up the Wii version of it. With it not even out til October those rumours are already being confirmed.

            Still know many people that are the same and holding off on the game until it came to the PS360. I think you will find that there are 2 reasons why people would be holding off, better visuals and more importantly, playing online with friends.

            If given the choice of playing NBA Jam online over the 3 networks, I can't imagine the Wii coming anywhere near beating the other two.

            I agree with Adam Grabda also, alot of the rage is over a gimped version of the game to begin with, one that isn't comparable to the Wii version in features.

            Looking from an "Elite" buyers perspective, it's nice to get something for nothing, but you have to ask why aren't they good enough to get the whole thing?

            The fact that the game is a 'demo' of sorts for the PS360 crowd, I'm further convinced that the game will actually land on Live/PSN or through retail down the track and will look to pick it up then, if it doesn't? so be it, but can't ever see myself picking up the Wii version.

        When you put it that way David I feel slightly ashamed at my initial reaction... Still, it's hard to suppress the disapointment.

        I think the majority of people are pissed off because there was information leaked that it was definitely coming to PS3 and X360.

        So we expected this to be the full version as a downloadable game on PSN / XBLA, not bundled as a demo with a full priced retail game.

        Also, this is EA were are talking about and to my knowledge the first EA Sport's franchise title that is essentially exclusive to one console!

        Surely EA can see there is more money to be made by selling this individually?

    Any word on the development of Max Payne 3, or when we'll hear more?
    That game seems to have gone dark a while back, and I was looking forward to a 2010 release...

    Also, any word on if/when the Star Wars: Old Republic beta testing will expand beyond North America?

      Max Payne 3 is still in development. Since Rockstar announced it had slipped to next year, they've understandably gone quiet and switched their focus to games actually coming out this year, ie Red Dead and L.A. Noire. Expect to see/hear more on Max early in the new year.

      I've not heard any word from EA regarding the beta coming to Australia.

    Sorry for the extra post, just thought of another question.

    When you joined the games journalism industry, how did you go about making contacts within the games industry? Was it a lengthy process, slowly easing yourself into the companies' contact list, or was it a case of your employer saying 'here is a list of everyone you need to ask questions of, go to work'?


    You mentioned you were going to give Starcraft 2 a whirl even though RTS games are not really your thing. What were your impressions? Was it able to sway you?

      I did make a start on the campaign last week. I'm hoping to get a bit further into it before I write up a post with my thoughts. It's safe to say, however, that the genre and I have some intractable differences...

    I think I may have asked my question too late last week, so here I go again!

    Any news on Beyond Good and Evil 2?


      Apparently Michel Ancel is leading a small team who are working on it, but it is not yet into full production.

    I really don’t have any industry questions today. So I figure I’ll just ask you the same question I got asked today.
    Your favourite author/book?

    My favs are Frank Herbert and Chuck Palahniuk

    My favourite “book” is actually a short story called The Rats in the Walls by H.P Lovecraft. Even to this day that story is horrifying.

    One more question. Now that blizzard have released SC2 when can we expect to hear some more news on Diablo 3?

      I'm sure we'll hear and see some more on Diablo III soon, most likely at Blizzcon in October. But I would expect the company's focus will be on Cataclysm more so than Diablo, given the WoW expansion will release first.

    Just to jump on the "Remember This" bandwagon:

    What's the latest on Jazz Jackrabbit 3D?

    Or Keen Dreams 3D, for that matter... That could be fun if they got the first-person-pogo-stick mechanic right.

    Any word on whether that Fable 3 villager thing will work in Australia... and whom the pre-order has to be with?

      No comment from Microsoft locally at this stage. I suspect this could be a US-only thing.

    Lost planet 2 says on the back for number of players: 1 (1~2) and for network players: 1-4 (notice the '~')
    what does that mean?

      It supports two players locally via splitscreen and up to four when played online.

    Mr Goose,

    Wondering on your favourite use of a licensed track in a video game? RDR's use of Jose Gonzalez got me thinking about this as it blew me away, perfect song for a perfect part(s) of a near perfect game.

      The Ink Spots' "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" from Fallout 3 stands out in my mind, mainly for its use in the trailer though.

      I only discovered Faunts via their appearance over the closing credits of the original Mass Effect.

      Best memory of a licensed song, however, was when the "Four Iron" mission in Vice City turned into a ridiculous golf cart chase all over the links, carts tipping over and crashing into each other the whole time, while Spandau Ballet's "Gold" played.

        Hell yes, that was an awesome part of Vice City. Excellent song, but almost completely out of place relative to the events occuring, yet disturbingly *right* as well.

        Vice City has to be my favourit GTA game so far.

    I'm wanting an x360 but I don't know if I should get the 250gb standalone now or wait and get a 4th Kinect bundle. What do you think?

      I assume you mean the 4GB Kinect bundle.

      Two questions:
      1. Do you actually want Kinect? If not, get the 250GB console now.

      2. Are you interested in downloading games and movies or installing games on your hard drive? If not, skip the 250GB and get the 4GB.

    Do you know if the star wars TFU 2 collectors edition will be released ,, and do you know the release date??

      Yes, 27th Nov

        Sorry, 27th Oct

      EB (and Andrew) say it's out on the 27/10/10, and has it listed for $108:

    I pre ordered Kinect and Move... I want to try them out. I hate myself :(

    Is the LBP 2 Collector's Edition coming to Australia?

      Sony has yet to announce local details, but I have no reason to think we won't get it here.

    Is Terminator salvation on ps3 a good game,
    also I have been wondering what happens to your trophies if you delete an install file. and if you delte the install file can you install the game again??

      Nothing will happen to your trophies if you delete game data. They are linked to the Playstayion network not your actual PS3 console. Nothing will even happen to your saved record if you delete game data. A lot of people (myself included) delete the installs to make room for new stuff, then just reinstall it later if I want to come back to it. As long as you don’t delete your save data you can delete and reinstall a game as many times as you like.

      Everyone gets Terminator Salvation for the same reason, an easy platinum. From what I’ve heard the game is horrible.

        Wait...that made no sense. You can delete save data and still install a game as much as you like. But if you do delete save data then your game records are lost. So don’t delete if you are 1 mission away from finishing the game.

      Its an average game at best, basically a Gears of War knock-off.

      I rented and achieved the platinum trophy for it over a weekend.

      Trophies are tied to your PSN iD, currently there is no way to remove any trophies or trophy sets from your account.

      Deleting and install file will not prevent you from installing it again at a later stage. I frequently delete install files of games I don't see myself playing in the near future.

      Keep in mind that install data usually also contains data for updates which will be required to play the game online, hence I keep my CoD, BF:BC, U2 etc... install data.

      Terminator Salvation is about as unremarkable as a game can get. It's an incredibly bland and tedious shooter.

      Your trophies are not tied to the installed game, but rather your profile. If you delete an installed game, you can always reinstall it.

    How do you feel about Reader reviews for a patch... I think you know what I mean.

    Given that the patch is so extensive, I was thinking about doing another one. Would you still post it (with or without eligibility for the monthly prize - don't care)

    I will also work on a better screen capture for much better pictures given the new replay suite.

    Hey David

    Any word of the new xbox 360 250GB in a bundle with the kinect instead of just the 4GB?

      Nope. I've asked Microsoft several times and they refuse to comment on the matter. I suspect we won't be seeing one this year.

        Thanks. I will just get the halo reach 360. Gotta love the design and sounds. On that do u know if the halo reach headset is with it too? cause normally u get a headset with a new console and it doesnt say anywhere

          Pretty sure the Halo Reach 360 comes with the game, 2 Reach controllers and a Reach wireless headset. That's as long as we get the headset. Usually seems to go missing when it makes it's way to Australia.

            Actually, it only comes with the standard wired headset. The limited reach wireless headset is available separately.

    Sorry about all the questions.
    Would terminator salvation on ps3 be worth $10 ??, and which is better value (in your opinion) the god of war collection or GTA episodes from liberty city.

    Do you know of any sites that will review, either only or separately, the single-player portion of games that feature both?

    I'm interested in games like War for Cybertron and StarCraft 2, but know I'll never play them online. So I'd love to read a review that treats the SP element as the full game, and rates it on those merits. Does such a site exist to your knowledge?

    Did we ever find out what happened to the Crysis 2 competition? Not sure whether i missed any new posts regarding the results.

      Winners were selected and the questions sent off to Crytek. We're just waiting on those answers now.

    Thanks for the info Mr Wildgoose, much appreciated :D

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