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    Thoughts on Mass Effect 2 making the jump to PS3?

    Does this confirm Mass Effect 3 will be multi-platform, and what do you think the chances of seeing Mass Effect 1 on PS3 are?

    Personally, I'm keen to pick it up when it launches in '11. Its one of the few 360 exclusives I've really wanted to play.

      Personally I think it is a very odd choice to release the second game of the series on another platform. ME is praised for its in-depth universe and story driven RPG elements.

      It is universally known as one of the few game that should be plan in series and rewards the player by taking decisions from the original game and actually importing there impact into the sequel. This will be impossible to experience on a platform that doesn't actually have the original available.

      Very odd indeed ...

      It all but confirms Mass Effect 3 will be on PS3. Given how well the multi-platform Dragon Age has done for Bioware and EA, it's hardly surprising. I suspect that Mass Effect 2's 360 exclusivity was part of the deal that saw Microsoft allow EA to publish the sequel. That deal now looks like it had a 12-month expiry date.

      Unless Microsoft sells the rights to Mass Effect 1 to EA, you won't be seeing it on PS3.

        With Mass Effect 2 now PS3 bound, wouldn't it be wise for Microsoft to sell the rights to EA?

        They've already seen massive sales of both titles on X360 and PC. One could assume that the majority of sales for these platforms has run its course.

        Microsoft could make further profits if they were to sell the rights to EA to release the game on PS3. I'm sure EA would be inclined to have the entire trilogy available on all platforms, and I would assume be prepared to pay for it.

        A win for Microsoft and a win for PS3 gamers?

      You can also get both games on PC. It's well worth playing on the PC, especially the first game where the graphic glitches are less noticeable depending on the setup of the machine.

      It would the world's most bizarre decision to not release ME3 on the PS3 after this... Probably think that MS will lock up a timed exclusive on the game though, looks like 12 months considering the time when this is due...

      I'm with Stone though, as the lack of the original Mass Effect on PS3 won't give the player the same experience. It may ultimately be impossible though, as is was actually Microsoft that published the game and I can't see them allowing it to be ported across.

      Perhaps Bioware/EA will be able to do something special though and make a interactive comic/movie of the first game and the major plot points and ultimately giving you an option to select for each instance, this will nicely tie into the start of the second game.

        Also, bear in mind whether Bioware/EA would see it as viable to port ME1 to PS3. How would they sell it? What price would it be? What changes would they make to it? How much would those changes cost them to make?

        Given Bioware clearly reacted to criticisms of ME1 when developing ME2, I'm not sure they'd want to do a straight port even if they had the opportunity.

          Having never played either game, I was unaware of any criticisms the first game received. But still, regardless of its flaws or differences in gameplay it still is the start of a trilogy.

          Even if EA / Bioware were to sell it at a similar reduced price akin to that of the God of War Collection or Episodes From Liberty City, I'm sure all the people who are planning on picking up ME2 would definitely purchase the original if it were available.

          I'll be getting ME2 when its released, I'll just have to decide whether its worth getting the original through steam first though.

          Well to start on the cost cutting side of things, maybe they put it up on PSN like EA did with Burnout Paradise? Or if it 'could' be ready by the time ME2 launches then a double pack

          As for changes, there really shouldn't be a need for anything really, despite what were issues back then the game still rated very highly and maybe it's just me but I wouldn't expect them to change the game to be more like ME2 and would want it 'as is'.

          Lastly, perhaps Bioware might not be involved, EA didn't have a great result with The Orange Box, but they could do something similar and give ME1 to a smaller developer to port across and keep Bioware focused on Dragon Age 2 (as I imagine that ME2 would be all but complete anyway)

          Heh...After playing ME2, I came to the conclusion that ME1 was the better game.

          Sure it had its faults and niggles, but it had something that ME2 was lacking.

          The open nature of the worlds gave you the feeling that were exploring this big galaxy, where ME2 is alot more disconnected thanks to the extremely linear missions on worlds, and the Mission Completed screen which killed any sense of immersion for me.

          ME1 was an RPG for me the went to the other extreme of the scale and ME2 was a Third Person Shooter with a few dialog choices thrown in.

          I'd like to think they'd release ME1 on PS3/PSN...just for the fact I think its the better game of the two.

            I mostly agree with you. Although I did like the loyalty missions and the decisions you made in the final missions. Also, the uncharted worlds were far better done in ME2. Generally though, all the gameplay systems were superior in ME1 - yes, including inventory management!

    Just curious, how many more major gaming conventions/meeting-thingy-ma-jigs are there left in the year?

    There's Gamescom and GDC Europe happening now, and September has TGS, anything else? On the topic of TGS, what are the chances of a ICO/SOTC collection and a Last Guardian release date?

      Apart from the ones you mentioned, PAX is coming up in the next month or so.

      I think that may be all of the big ones for the year.

      TGS is the only major games show left this year. I would be shocked if The Last Guardian was not the highlight of Sony's presence at the show, but I reckon you'll have to wait longer for news on the inevitable ICO/SOTC HD re-release.

    Hi David,

    Can you give me the access code to the time machine that I would be required to use to get back to this morning to ask you stuff before this afternoon ;)

    "I’ll be doing this every Wednesday from 1pm. Except for today. I’ll be out of the office this afternoon, so hit me up with your questions this morning!"

    I guess you'll get back to us tomorrow?

      Shhhh! We'll pretend it never happened.

        Thats why I quoted you... your powers of deletion mean you get away with things occasionally... just keeping you accountable!

        Don't worry, half of my posts are made from an ipod touch and that is not good for spellnig, etc.

        We'll forgive you.

    Sorry to sound like a broken record but not sure if my email linking the news story got through to you David.

    Any thoughts on WA State Govt MP's standing against the R18+ Rating for games?

      Yes, I did see it, thanks for sending through the tip. My thoughts are it's not something these guys get to vote on, unless they want to impose separate classification laws at a state level. We won't know anything more on the R18+ issue until the SCAG meeting in November.

    Are there any European release dates on Xenoblade at all? I was in Japan for the launch (it was everywhere) and it had me wondering why Nintendo are silent on such a great looking title?

      There's not even a North American date, let alone one for Europe and Australia. It seems crazy that a Nintendo-published RPG that continues a reasonably well-known series and has been received so well in Japan wouldn't get released in the West. But I do think it may have been viewed as a risk even in Japan and, as such, Nintendo would have held off on localising. And then you have to factor in that something like Monster Hunter Tri's lack of success in the West may give Nintendo pause for thought.

      I'd put the chances of a US release at around 50/50, but a PAL release no higher than 20/80.

        The best, mature games on Wii never get the attention (or region releases) they actually deserve.

    Heard of the next Patapon 3 (PSP Title)?

      Patapon 3 was announced at E3. I haven't heard anything about it since then. It's meant to be out this year though!

    I've read that Borderlands developer 'Gearbox Software' has picked up the rights to Duke Nukem Forever and may even have a showing at this years PAX.

    Heard anything to back this up?

      I haven't been privvy to any info beyond the rumours we've all read. Given how long those rumours have been circulating, it seems likely there's some truth there...

    Is there any secret inside word on when we might see the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta? I know it's been pushed back with the game but 'pushed back' isn't really giving a lot away... Thanks:)

      Ubisoft hasn't confirmed anything, but surely they're going to delay the beta until after the dust settles on the Reach, MoH and Black Ops launches. Look for a beta very early next year.

        I had hoped sooner but that makes sense, I guess Reach will have to keep me busy until then.. Can't complain. Thanks!

    Whats your thoughts on the use of the Bioshock name even though the series is leaving the depths of the ocean and unrelated in story. Are they branding like the Final Fantasy series? Or is it more a name that now indicates that a game will delve into social structures and ideals?

      I think it's obvious: Infinite is set in the same universe as BioShock; Columbia is a precursor to Rapture in many ways.

      Sure, 2K certainly wanted the BioShock name attached to this new game for marketing reasons. And I think Ken Levine has been quite clear that, for Irrational, BioShock means a certain type of gameplay, regardless of its setting or fiction. So in those senses it's a Final Fantasy type move.

      But I think we'll discover the two games are closer than you might think.

        More on that, given that you were a bit of a fan of both BioShock games... were you pleasantly surprised that it was a new BioShock?

        Or would you have liked Irrational and Ken Levine to make something completely new again?

    Are there any types or genres of games that you will refuse to touch, or do you tend to keep an open mind with as many games as possible?

      Plenty! I don't play any MMOs, very few RTSs or competitive multiplayer FPSs, no exercise games, pet simulations, flight simulations, submarine simulations nor babysitting simulations.

    Should I buy Scotty Pilgrim vs the World on PSN tonight or wait till you announce the winners of that comp the other day...? or did I miss the announcement.

      Winners will be announced at 5pm EST.

    Is it easier to get into the Games Development industry, or the Games Journo industry in Australia?

      Well, that all depends on your skills. Are you a writer, a programmer or an artist? There are so few jobs in the so-called games journalism industry that it surely must be easier to get into development.

        Yeah, I thought so.
        I'm a programmer, but I've just been a bit unsure about my direction..

        Its probably easier to start your own games dev company than your own gaming blog/website.

        This is a great service by the way (the Ask Me Stuff feature), so thanks David, and Kotaku.

    Does Dragon Quest have all the witty town/monster names in Japan?

    Or is that just something the translators came up with?

      I believe Dragon Quest is just as funny/silly in Japanese as it is in English. But given the nature of the jokes and puns, they can't simply do a direct translation. Part of the localisation process is adapting those names and other cultural references so that they're relevant and still funny to a Western audience.

        Something like Slash, Ozzie and Flea in Chronotrigger.

        They do a great job!

    David, I was wondering if you could provide an expert opinion for a uni assignment I have to do. I’m doing a unit about managing organizational change. I’ve decided to base my assignment on a print media publication that has had to shift to a largely online based focus and recently an “apps” and mobile focus.

    Seeing as you were editor of a few magazines circa 2000 onwards. Can you talk a little about the changes you had to make to keep up to date with technology and your competition?

    dave how do you feel about the fact that all these conferences areon the other side of the world

    I mean as a games journo do you feel like your missing out on them or are you perfectly happy to let someone else run around and try and write articles on thier netbooks

    If you could be a giant monster rampaging through the city and had to fend of military forces including tanks and helicopters and the like, what would your one special power be to combat them?

    Me? I think I'd like to turn them all into chickens. Played a bit of Fat Princess for the first time on the weekend, and that chicken potion thing is ridiculously hilarious.

    Has there been any word on the Mechwarrior reboot?

      Seeing as how they're fifty foot tall Mechs, I'd say they take a size 68 (UK).


      Oh, REboot.

    david i need a job. know any places that are hiring? studied digital media at unsw.

    With Blizzard finally coming with what's in the CE for Cataclysm and stating what the US pricing will be.. any guesses, or knowledge, on what the Aussie price tag will be?

      This is probably a good guess:

        I saw that but I was kind of hoping that wasn't set in stone.. :(

      It's $109.95 RRP.

        ...and what date will that be?

          Blizzard hasn't announced a release date at this stage.

            The popular consensus seems to be around Christmas, as that's when WOTLK was released, and it seems like a fair estimate given where the game is at in Beta ATM.

            But don't quote me on that :P


    Okay, when I want gaming news, I go to Kotaku... Where do you go for your gaming news?

    Dave, is anyone from Kotaku going to be covering MANIFEST (Melbourne Anime Festival) this weekend? They usually have some killer cosplay!

      Sadly, I won't be in Melbourne this weekend. If someone wants to take some photos, though, I'll happily post them.

    Wanted to get in before Wednesday is over and I would have to wait another whole week.

    A short story then a question:

    I enjoy playing around in photoshop and have just taught myself how to use it over the past few years.I really have fun working on a project and really enjoy seing the final output. You could say I love Photoshop! Friends and family have said that if I enjoy it so much, why dont I try to get some work where that is involved.

    Here is the thing, I enjoy it because it is an escape from reality, anything is possible and while you are concentrating on the complex layered image infront of you, you forget about the world. I beleive if that was my occupation, I would resent it because the thing I love is now mandatory. I am not free to do as I please and must do what others think are required. I may have creative flexibility, but not total freedom.

    I look at gaming the same way. I love gaming but for the above reasons, would not want to ever be employed in that or a related field.

    Now the question, I assume you enjoy gaming but how do you do your role, review everything you see, and all of the gaming 'work' you do and still get enjoyment out of it, without becoming bitter twisted old man (I am implying that you are not this currently... your welcome)..

    Just curious how you keep the passion for gaming and the day to day obligations of gaming seperate.. and still find time to shower etc.

      Anyone whose work is focused on an activity they would undertake for leisure will struggle with that work/play division. It's easy to spend more time than you should working because, hey, it doesn't feel like work. (I'm doing it now.) But, hey, it *is* work. So I try to do all my work at the office and, aside from Mondays where I work from home, the only games I play at home are games I want to play for fun, not because I'm writing about them. It's easier said than done though. I'm fortunate in that I'm able to pick and choose which games I play and which I write about; I'm not being commissioned by an editor telling me what to do. That really does help!

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