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    Just wondering if you received that rather long-winded article i submitted and if it was anywhere near being half decent lol

      Yes, I did. I'll get back to you shortly on it.

        Sounds ominous. lol

        Thanks mate :)

    Just wondering what your impressions of Castlevania Lord of Shadows were.

      It's a lot better than the other 3D Castlevanias!

      Inevitably, given the switch from side-scrolling 2D to third-person 3D, it's going to feel different to the Castlevanias you know and love. What works in 2D doesn't necessarily work in 3D; and vice versa.

      I think it loses some of its sense of exploration, but at the same time there's more to appreciate in the architecture of the environment you're traversing.

      It's early days though, and I'm not comfortable calling it either way at this stage. (I will say, however, that it's not the God of War clone some were fearing.)

        Oh excellent! Based on the images and previews, I was fearing it would be a GoW copycat, but I'm glad it's not. Awesome. Hopefully they release a demo sometime soon.

    Is Left 4 Dead 2 worth picking up even with the horrible censorship? JB HiFi have it for $29 at the moment...

      lol i picked it up from game's massive sale for $12... and i've been too scared to install it cause i just have this feeling it may ruin left for dead for me...

      Seriously dude, Play Asia is your friend. I've played the demo of our version and decided to import QUICK SMART. Its so much better. Even for double the price. Our version feels like a buggy unfinished game code slapped onto a disk.

      It's also fairly easy to circumvent...

        I have heard of unconfirmed reports that some packages were checked for dis-allowed games when coming through customs. This must be just bs though, any ideas?

        I also got it for $12 at game, 2 copies in fact. Lanned it a couple of times with mates. I haven't played the uncensored version, so it isn't that bad not having seen the real thing. The fact that zombies disappear when they die is jarring at first, but actually makes the game kind of easier as you don't shoot dying zombies as much. Does take a bit away from the atmosphere, no fire on zombies is pretty bad too.

          It's illegal to import a game that has been refused classification in Australia. If you do so, customs may well seize the game.

            if your really worried about that though you could always but a CD-key straight from one of the sites since its a steam enabled game

            tho given how long ive been importing things i've never seen a single DVD package opened

            i've had other things inspected but that was large amounts of different stock one of which contained my copy of Risen which wasn't confiscated

            Seeing as how L4D2 has been classified (just not the international versions) there's only a very slim chance that it will get seized (if you get a snarky customs agent who happens to know his video games).

    Do you think that the (socially) negative connotations that 'gaming' and 'gamers' have are partially due to the prevalence of violence in popular games - a suggestion of immaturity on behalf of the player?

    Mario 64 ushered in 3D gameplay with a world of bright colour and happiness, but then Halo came along and shooters have been the only real 'hardcore gamer' titles ever since.

    Do you think that this'll ever change? The Wii, Facebook and iPhone have already shown us that there's a whole market not being satisfied, but apart from motion controls very little is being done to change the fact that all of the most popular games are shooters with little variation between them.

      But shooters aren't the most popular games. They're the most popular amongst the "hardcore", sure, but any list of the best-selling and most-played games will include G-rated titles like Wii Sports, Mario Kart and Farmville alongside more violent games like Call of Duty, Halo and Warcraft.

      But yes, you're right to an extent. However, I'd suggest it's not merely violence alone that betrays gaming's immaturity; it's violence as portrayed through the juvenile power fantasies we see in so many hardcore games. The irony is that some of the industry most immature games are the ones rated the most mature.

        The problem is, though, that none of those G-rated games are really story-driven, character pieces. They're all essentially sandboxes with pre-defined objectives and challenges.
        Do you think we'll see a prevelance of non-violent (or at least, more seriously-toned violence) story-driven games after everyone gets bored of shooting people in the face?

          What about The Sims? Doesn't that suggest we're already there?

          I think you're operating under the assumption that "sandbox" and "story-driven" games are mutually exclusive. At the very least you're assuming that a story-driven game is one in which the desinger has authored the story. In fact, I'd suggest the opposite: the future of games will be sandboxes where the player is authoring the story. Games like The Sims demonstrate you can create a story-driven game where this is very little violence.

            You can consider any path of a player's progress to be a 'story', but I'm talking about titles with pre-designed narrative direction and character arcs.

    Dave, some past articles have said that a specific version of a game for it to be played on the move controller. Are you able to confirm this?
    I'm wondering as I have a copy of Heavy Rain and I really want to go back and replay it with he move controller, but don't want to buy again or trade/rebuy just for a one off.

      It's my understanding that existing PS3 games receiving Move support will get it via a patch, so you will not need to re-purchase the game. Certainly this is the case for Heavy Rain.

      You'll no doubt find that Sony will re-release these games in special PlayStation Move packaging. But if you already own, you can download the update.

        Resident Evil 5 (Original Version) is the only known game at this stage where the patched in Move controls won't work.

        Instead the patched in controls can only work with the Gold Edition of said game.

        Really annoying for myself and other that picked up Resident Evil 5 from the start... :(

          You're right, the original version won't get patched for Move support. Capcom has cited annoyingly vague "technical reasons" by way of explanation.

          Yeah that was the game I read about the other day, but that's fine as I don't own it yet.

          I hear good things about the move controller and that game so I'm definitely going to be checking it out.

    Hey David, what type of degree do you have and where did you get it?

      I studied Fine Arts and Philosophy at Sydney Uni. Ideal grounding for a games writer!

    How can I break achievement addiction? Lately gaming has become a chore, instead of the fun pastime it used to be.

      Turn off notifications! Seriously. Turn that shit off and you'll never have to worry about it again.

      (Just don't compare your gamerscore with your friends.)

    I've always had a fascination in writting and contributing to a gaming magazine or website, I've always wondered what the prerequisites were to getting into writting, care to shed a little light on it?

    Thanks and once again thanks for the copy of scott pilgram!

    Howdy Dave,

    Just wondering, is the PS 'Move' worth getting?
    I'm sure alot of it comes down to personal taste, and how much someone wants to play on the wii, but with a Ps3.

    But I havn't had a chance to play around with the move, so not really sure if I will like it.

    that said I beleive they are patching in support for MAG, which I still enjoy playing, and figure it might be something new and interesting to try.

    What do you reckon, Yay or Nay?

      It does come down to personal taste. As a "hardcore" gamer, I haven't seen or played any Move (or Kinect) game that has "sold" me. Sure, I've enjoyed some similar games on Wii (ie. Wii Sports Resort), but I'm not particularly interested in forking out a heap of money just to play those same games in HD.

      If you don't have a Wii, and you do enjoy those simple party games, by all mean give it a shot. But I'd suggest, given your MAG example, that Move simply isn't for you.

        Humm nod, I don't have a wii, but your right, not really willing to shell out a bunch of cash to find out it's not for me, the gf might buy it to play the party games, and I can always try it when she does, move support for full games seems a step in the right direction, still a little disappointed that RE5 std edition is not getting supported, bought this back in the day and would have liked to try it.

        Thanks for the reply!

    As you touched on, when you leave Kotaku you have thought about the idea of not writing about games.

    Did that mean that you were just going to write about a different interest on another medium for day to day work, or did that mean writing as in fiction/novels, etc...

    If the latter, what type of novel would it be (Sci Fi, Horror, etc) and what kind of setting (Past, Future, Steampunk, Alien)?

      Yeah, this is all part of the (admittedly vague) plan. I've dabbled in writing fiction - like I'm sure we all have - but I'm thinking I may now have time to do it justice. We'll see...

    Should I get Mafia II on PC, 260 or PS3?
    I have a pretty high end PC but I just feel that driving the cars without analogue controls would not be as good. Even though the graphics will be way better on my PC i feel the gameplay could be better on my 360?!

      PC, for sure. On a high end system, it looks vastly superior to the console versions. It's certainly playable with mouse/keyboard, but you really should have a 360 controller hooked up to your PC.

      you could always get an adaptor like I have that lets you use your 360 controller on your pc!

    Apparently Game are selling 320gb PS3's with a Move bundle next month for about $550. Heard anything about this? It's enough for me to upgrade my 60gb model.

      I'm not sure. Sony hasn't announced local plans for the 320GB console just yet. I'm hopeful of hearing word on that tomorrow.

    Hi David,

    A while back an offer in the US was put out to extend the factory warranty for PS3/PSP, but I never heard about it coming to Australia. Have you heard about this coming to Australia, or any cost involved?

    Thanks :)

    Is there any particular reason why Australia gets shafted on prices for games on Steam? I know it's not Valve's fault, it's up to the publishers to set the prices for each region, but what possible justification does 2K have to charge $US79.99 for Mafia 2 in Australia, while the Kiwi's pay $US49?

      Local publishers set the Steam price to be as close to the local RRP as possible.

      This annoys me greatly too, but unfortunately the only justification Publishers need is that people are willing to pay said prices.
      Steam has done a number on me, prior to it becoming the juggernaut it has, I was quite happy to occasionally spend $90 on a game from retail. Nowadays, I have a very hard time justifying spending any more than $50 for a new game, yet buy more games than ever...

        i've said this before but 2K is the worst offender in this area

        thier games are continually overpriced nowadays

        EA has been doing it lately to but mainly with BC2 and MoH and i assume thier logic is that well MW2 is doing it

        I still dont see why the developers are doing it tho, i mean it's not like we are in the market that re-sells and they have no obligation to support the local stores especially when the local stores refuse to sell most PC games because the section takes up valuable wall space to go to console's or 2nd hand games

    Have you heard any more news on FFXIII Versus? A Japanese magazine showed pictures in-game recently but I'm kinda eager to know more?

      Haha. I would put money on it not being released, even in Japan, until 2012.

    Any word on when (if ever) the psp tactics ogre remake will get released here in Australia?

    ...also, are there any stores in sydney that will be selling the halo reach xbox360?

      Well, if you willing to try the Internet, EB is accepting pre orders for their online store. I'm pretty sure they charge for postage though. Not sure about in-store.

    Hi dave,
    after r* games lack of presence at e3 I read somewhere that they supposed to be attending gamescom in an official capacity, but there was no announcements or news from them during gamescom. With la noire, max payne 3, agent and almost certainly a new grand theft auto on the horizon when do you think they'll be brining out news on any of these projects? it seems strange that they have such little information out about any of these games.

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