Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Single-Player In Action

You read about the demonstration of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's single player I saw at Gamescom, now see the demonstration for yourself.

Ubisoft could have saved me a great deal of writing by simply sending this video out last week, but I enjoy the writing, so I don't mind having written out a long explanation of what you're watching here.

I don't mind it at all.

*breaks things*


    Wow. Just as Assassins Creed 2 was the complete game that Assassins Creed wasn't and improved on it tenfold, this already looks like it improves on AC2 tenfold as well!!! Very very excited for this game!!!

    Wow, this series is really coming along nicely. You go from the first Assssin's Creed then to this and you can see how seriously the developers have taken the criticism of the original game on board.

    I can't wait for this to come out.

    ... on a side note, how smooth was that narrators voice! hahaha, reminds me of the Old Spice guy. "I'm on a horse"

    Disappointed to see they're including bloody collectibles in this game as well (feathers in AC2 and now flags). haven't devs figured out that its not fun to have to spend hours scouring the map looking for hundreds of bloody items.

      Don't collect them? I don't mind as long as there is a reward for collecting and that the reward is well worth it.

    When in Rome do as the Assassins do

    This looks like an amazing game and I cannot wait to play this.

    AC2 was so addictive and this looks like a perfect fix! :P

    November 16th cannot come fast enough!

    Wow. This game looks good. I think I may even get it upon release!

    Had a smile on my face throughout that whole video, looks amazing.

    Looks awesome!

    November 16th can't come quick enough!

    Disapointed with how ac2 end dis make up 4 it

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