Assault Horizon Rebuilds Ace Combat From The Ground Up

After yesterday's trailer piqued our curiosity, Namco Bandai delivers more details on Assault Horizon, a game being called a "complete rebirth" for the Ace Combat franchise, or "steel carnage in the sky".

According to today's press release, Project Aces has always wanted more out of the Ace Combat series. They wanted a game that not only told a compelling story, but also presented the most visceral aerial combat possible, with deadly combat pilots weaving between the buildings of real-world cities, bits of their planes breaking off as they cut a turn too close, shattering into pieces as oil sprays all the way across the sky, perhaps forming a double rainbow.

What does it mean?

"For us, this is a rebirth of the Ace Combat series and a chance for us to take the series in a completely new direction," said Kazutoki Kono, Producer at Project Aces, NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. "We're confident that we're going to create a new kind of action shooting (high-speed and destruction) experience with ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON, and we're pouring passion, vision and skill into making a game like no other. We want to bring players closer than ever to the action so they feel the energy surge through them with every shot fired."

Sounds good to me, and it's got the looks to back it up.


    :O Is that destructive environments and actual buildings I see!? I've always liked Ace Combat games. Well made and polished, even though they got a little dull. These screens have me VERY excited.

      +1 and they even made the Raptor look like a good looking plane, so it's obviously not going to be completely realistic.

    im not convinced by this real world setting...

    what's it going to be? More USA vs russia vs china maybe. what does ace combat gain by being set in the real world? it's not a hardcore flight-sim. bah! oh well..

    I have fond memories of ace combat wonderland...the comona islands, ceres sea, that jungle in op. tango line, mt shezna and even poor old farbanti.

    A game that tells a compelling story?

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