Atlus Is Making Catherine As Suggestive As Possible

Catherine is the upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 game from Japanese developer Atlus. It is a spin-off of the Persona series of role-playing games. An adult one.

As evident by the game's launch trailer and now the promotional poster, Atlus wasn't kidding when it said it was making a game for adult players.

It is rated CERO C, which is ages 15-years-old-and-up. So expect more "suggestive" than, say, "explicit".

Catherine will be released this year in Japan.

本日より、全国のテレビゲーム取り扱い店舗 [Twitpic]


    Actually with a CERO C rating I have hopes the game will make it through uncensored if ATLUS pick it up for a western release.

    Sorry did I say if? I menat when. WHEN!

    I'm really keen for this game. Not because of the 'suggestive' themes, although that looks entertaining, but because it the trailer makes it look like a bit fo an adventure game, which I dig. Won't be able to play it infront of wifey though it seems :P

    Soooo I'm hearing Persona with tits...Yeah that'll work

      As far as I'm concerned, you could substitute "Persona" with absolutely any game title you like in that sentence and it'd work :)

        LOL true true

      Persona crossed with the LSD Dream Simulator game, directed by Satoshi Kon.


      I hear 'persona with tits' *and* horror theme *and* adventure game style mechanic instead of JRPG. I have to admit, I'm kinda excited. Of course, I live in AUSTRALIA so anyone want to take bets on whether it will make it past the censors?

        In an ironic twist piracy becomes the only way to support the developer. If by support you mean the moral kind.

    I love the Persona / SMT games. Any word of whether this is a full RPG or some kind of lite + nudity hybrid?

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