AU Diary: How Did They Know?

No, really, this is kinda freaking me out.

Yesterday I posted about the iPhone Game Pad, a case that adds buttons to your iPhone for gaming. Earlier today its designer told me his inspiration was the Game Boy - or rather, playing emulated Game Boy games on his iPhone.

Then this afternoon, not half an hour after the latter interview went live, I received a package in the post. Inside were the three Game Boy iPhone covers you can see pictured right.

Had some PR person seen my posts and thought, "Hey, let's send our product samples to Kotaku!" I could understand it. I might even be impressed by how quick off the mark they were.

But these Game Boy iPhone covers were sent to me from the United States. Medford, MA, to be precise. And they were mailed out on July 28, a week before I'd even heard of the iPhone Game Pad, let alone covered it.

So, yeah... how did they know?


    theyre from the future, dave

      Great Scott!

        Woah... this is heavy!

          How did you guys do that?

          What has weight got to do with this?

            Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the earth's gravitational pull?!

              If the me in the future is now in the past, how could you possibly know about it?!

                Any of you that did not get Daniel Chand's reference/joke to Back To The Future...for SHAME.

    The only logical explanation is that someone has bugged your office to record everything you do. And invented some sort of site searching robot to track your posts and comments on Kotaku, twitter, facebook ect. They used this data to make an artificial replica of your brain and implanted it into a terminator drone. That terminator (it knows everything you know) went back in time and posted the covers to himself (remember, that’s you!) knowing that the real David would post about this very topic in the future. Then he got killed by Kyle Reese.

    I'd lock your doors tonight mate! But dont worry, since Loops and myself watch you through your window when you sleep each night, we'll keep an eye out for any unusual freaks stalking you. ;)

      Yes, but who will keep an eye out for you? ;)

    They are awesome. Who's the site that makes them again?

      I'll have to check when I'm back in the office. Will update tomorrow!

        I look forward to this, with any luck there's one that fits on the iPhone 4!

    best timing ever...but they still don't deserve a link to their site?

    Either a scarily apt coincidence, or some kind of elaborate conspiracy involving interdimensional time-travel, mind-reading, shady government organisations and hamsters.

    Oh, and did a bit of web-sleuthing and it looks like this is the website:

    The address on a shopping page for retro GameBoy covers that linked to this site was Medford, MA.

    My theory is you've been the victim of a sophisticated marketing strategy. The starting point of the original article was a tip from "Josh". This Josh could have been from the PR company representing the iPhone game pad makers.

    Now, if they were planning to plant a story on Kotaku about the product, they could have had a strategy in place even before "Josh" sent you the tip and the interview was set up.

    Hence, the interviewee could have known before time what he was going to bring up during the interview and the PR company could have known as well, hence sending out for the covers a week before the initial post.

    You've been played.

    That's my theory anyhow.



      This is actually terrifyingly plausible.

        I've been rumbled! :). Ha. Just kidding. I'm just a guy like you... well not you, or you. But I'm like most of you.

    Don't know if this is the same one...

      That's them! Thanks Peter.

    How will it work and everything tho?

    Gameboy is big and have "weight". Iphone is small and light.

    Furthermore, how is the screen going to be used?

      This article might be a tad misleading mate.

      These are not game pads like the article David linked, they are simply cases for the phone. They go on the back, not the front.

        Oh lol... Guess now that makes more sense.

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