AU Diary: Searching For New Host…

Man, don’t you hate it when you settle in for an evening of multiplayer gaming and then, suddenly, the guy who was hosting quits out unexpectedly: “Sorry guys, uh… the wife’s home and… she wants to watch TV.”

It’s a pitiful excuse.

You’ve got to restart the game, decide on who’s now going to host and reconfigure everything. Sure, it takes all of a minute to do that, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

Actually, I don’t really care about such matchmaking woes. It was merely a weakly constructed and vaguely analogous lead-in to announce that I’m leaving Kotaku.

Yep, I’m stepping down as editor of Kotaku Australia. Why? Well, I’ve been doing this for 21 months now, so I feel like I’ve had a good run. Working as an online editor, you’re constantly caught up in the daily news cycle. Which, while exciting, especially when you break a story, can equally be draining.

Events transpired in my personal life earlier this year that gave me pause to re-evaluate my goals and ambitions, bringing with it a desire to reconnect with the pursuit I’m most passionate about: writing.

Mostly, it comes down to wanting to do other things. I’m not entirely sure what those other things are, but I suspect they might involve writing about the games industry and gaming culture in ways that aren’t quite so tied up in the day-to-day news. I want to be concentrating on longer form stories, features and interviews that are more investigative and reflective, as well as – wait for it – writing about things that aren’t videogames. Also, a holiday would be nice. But that’s the future.

I’m not leaving just yet!

We need to find a new editor before I can vacate my ergonomic chair and escape the teetering piles of swag adorning my desk. So, yes, we’re hiring. If you think you’ve got what it takes to run one of Australia’s top three gaming websites, hit us up with your CV attentioned to Seamus Byrne at this address. We’ve also got the official job application details over here.

Oh, and since I’m leaving I can illustrate this post with a screenshot of Far Cry 2. Just try and stop me.


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