Aussie Dev Dominates iPhone Games Chart

Aussie Dev Dominates iPhone Games Chart

Aussie Dev Dominates iPhone Games ChartCongratulations are in order for Brisbane’s Halfbrick as this week they hold down the #1 and #3 spots on the iTunes store’s Top 10 Paid Apps chart.

The recently released Monster Dash, owner of one of the two best iPhone game trailers we’ve ever seen, sits at the top of the chart. Monster Dash continues the adventures of Barry Steakfries, hero of PSP mini Age of Zombies, and adds guns and a laconic sense of humour to the now-standard Canabalt gameplay formula.

And hanging in there in third place is Fruit Ninja, owner of the other best iPhone trailer we’ve ever seen. Back in July Halfbrick told us Fruit Ninja had sold over a million copies and it doesn’t look like stopping any time soon.

If you haven’t got yourself Fruit Ninja or Monster Dash, you should. They’re both great games and, at a time of uncertainty for the local industry, you’ll be supporting Aussie games development.


  • David, do you have any idea what kind of % the development studio sees as income for an iPhone game? Not ‘profit’ but the figure after paying fees to Apple and anything else I don’t know about?

      • So they’re sitting on *something* like $700,000-$800,000 for a 1 million download game. That’s incredible. Even if this is hideously optimistic and its like $500,000, that’s a great result.

        • It’s a result, but by no means a great one. I could be wrong though…

          Halfbrick have 40 employees, so if you estimated each was being paid around $40,000 a year, which means after costs are taken into account, would cost them maybe $70,000 each. Means wages are costing them around $54,000 a week. So even on the optimistic figure of $700,000 minus tax leaves $560,000 profit.

          Sooo in it’s first 10 and a half weeks on sale, that’s when they hit a million, it was generating around $53,000 a week averaged, leaving a $1,000 shortfall their other IP’s need to generate pick up the tab.

          Now the above math is far from perfect, but it kinda shows how tough smaller independent studio’s must be doing it. A very successful top ten iPhone game only just covers the costs of the studio. They truly do need all the support they can get.

          Now halfbrick has older IP’s and enough other IP’s for example Raskulls, creating more revenue to keep it ticking along, but shows they’ve constantly got to be thiking that far ahead to keep ahead of the game by creating the next big thing.

  • Romero is right in his assertion that the rockstar success for independent developers lives on in the iPhone. Either that or if you decide to make “Minecraft”. Unfortunately, only one guy decided to make Minecraft so he has to share aaaall those Euros with himself. Tough digs.

    Actually, he wasn’t the only guy to decide to make an Infiniminer clone – just the only guy who decided to charge for it.

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