Aussie Nintendo Store: Did You Catch My Drift?

It's not very often that Australian Wii owners can celebrate something. We're getting Metroid: Other M about the same time as the rest of the world and we've got gotten a Virtual Console game nearly every week in the last month. The US has got none. Victory!

So, what is available on the Wii and DSi this week? Let's take a look.


HoopWorld: Basketbrawl (Virtual Toys S.L., 1000 Wii Points) - Instead of keeping your distance, this Basketball game has you well brawling as you scrap it out in some 3-on-3 arcade basketball. There are power ups on the edge of the court to try out.

Family Card Games (Arc System Works, 500 Wii Points) - The 'family' returns and this time you're playing card games such as Daifugo, Speed and Memory.


Drift Street International (Tantalus, 800 DSi points) - Aussie developers, Tantalus, make their debut on the DSiWare service with a slid-sliding drifting car racer. Race across the US, UK and Japan. Tantalus promises to push the DSi further than ever before with the game making use of the extra power that the DSi has. There is even four player multiplayer for local drift battles.

Virtual Console

Wild Guns (SNES, 800 Points) - This one was originally released on the SNES in 1996. Yup, it was one of the system's last games before the Nintendo 64 hit. You play as Clint and Annie as they take on the Kid gang and an evil army of robots. Technically, the game is a third person shooter, but don't think it's anything like the ones of today.

The Aussie Nintendo Store Update is brought to you by Vooks. Go check out his excellent unofficial Nintendo site.


    Still unsatisfield with the lack of Cave Story but I'll probably get Wild Guns soon.

    Hmm. Haven't bought anything on the WiiWare and Virtual Console for quite some time now. Maybe soon I'll take a look and see what there is.

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