Aussie Nintendo Store: Rotate And Float

Aussie Nintendo Store: Rotate And Float

It’s not very often I can flat out tell you a game is great on WiiWare, truly we get some crap, but this one is worth your time. The rest of titles out this week aren’t too bad either, although we’d argue that two of them aren’t games. Not that there is anything wrong with that! We do miss out on a Virtual Console game this week though; don’t worry, because it’s back next week.


And Yet It Moves (Broken Rules, 1000 Points) – Broken Rules’ great physics-based tilting and turning platformer is here on WiiWare. Initially released for the PC, the Wii version has a fresh visual style and motion controls which make the game just that little bit more immersive. There’re no enemies or weapons here, just you rotating and floating your way through the maze in this crazy cardboard and paper world. There’s the main mode to play through along with Time Trial, Limited Rotations and even a Survival mode. This is one of those great games that get overlooked simply because they’re on WiiWare, and in turn the Wii. It’s a great game to pick up.

However, it’s probably not one to play if you get motion sickness; but it might just be worth it.


myNotebook: Carbon & myNotebook: Pearl (Nnooo, 500 Points) – There’s a double shot of myNotebook this week; the improved (and more expensive) versions of the note-taking app feature 128 pages for you to doodle your thoughts down on. The extra price from the old versions is there for a reason, with new features like coloured pens and the ability to save your notes to the SD card. There certainly could be more ‘apps’ on DSiWare, so it’s good to see the Nnooo team taking advantage of the hole in the market.

Where’s Wally? Travel Pack 1 (Ludia, 500 Points) – Wally is here in glorious digital form. Yes, it’s pretty much the same old ‘Where’s Wally’ you remember from primary school, it even has the same scenes; but there is a neat two player mode thrown in for good measure. Remember, he’s the dude in the red and white striped shirt, surely he can’t be that hard to find?

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