Aussie Nintendo Store: Sandbox Gaming, Literally

It's almost the weekend, so you know it's time to refresh your Wii and DSi with a bevy of new downloadable titles. By new, of course, we mean there's actually a handful of games that are new, but some of the games have been available in the US and Japan at worst a year ago.

But nevertheless here they are:


Sandy Beach (Konami, 500 Points) - Hold onto your hats folks, this one is a little ripper. The first sandbox game for WiiWare is here, no really, you play in the sand. With the weather a bit average now this might be a fun diversion, but summer isn't that far away - go down to the beach instead, I think.

Chess Challenge (Digital Leisure, 500 Points) - Jeez, what is it with WiiWare games and their blunt-to-the-point names. Guess what this one is about then? It also lives up to its second part of its name because it's really really challenging - but Chess is the game of kings, isn't it... or maybe that's croquet. Online mode is included if you can't take the AI.


Link 'n' Launch (Nintendo, 500 Points) - Coming from the developers of Advance Wars, this one, and again like all downloadable games on Nintendo platforms, has a basic name that tells you all about it. But you're going to have to read on again because I'm going to tell you twice. Link 'n' Launch is a puzzler, right? And you have to move blocks, to launch a rocket. Plays better than it sounds, I've heard.

Chess Challenge! (Digital Leisure, 500 Points) - Like Whopper Junior is to Whopper, is Chess Challenge on DSiWare to the WiiWare version. Yes, this is the pocket version of the previously mentioned Chess game. This one you can share with your friends over Wireless or just pass around the DSi.

Animal Puzzle Adventure (Aksys Games, 500 Points) - Again really? They're having a laugh aren't they with these names. We're guessing this is some sort of Puzzling Adventure game with Animals. Yup, you have to put Animals into a barn. Brilliant.

Virtual Console

Aero the Acrobat 2 (Sunsoft, Super Nintendo, 800 Wii Points) - Wasn't just the other week when the first one came out? Yep, it was, and here is the second Aero the Acrobat title.

Next week, there better be a game with some sort of 'Cave Story'.

The Aussie Nintendo Store Update is brought to you by Vooks. Go check out his excellent unofficial Nintendo site.


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