Aussie-Only Cataclysm Beta Contest

Well, it's open to New Zealanders, too, but... you know. Blizzard is offering Australian (and Kiwi) World of WarCraft players a chance to get on board the Catalysm beta, and it kicks off next week.

They're looking for "tightly-knit" guilds to enter by submitting screenshots of your guild's proudest achievement or greatest triumph. If your guild wins, your guildmaster will receive 10 invites to the Cataclysm beta.

The comp starts on Monday and runs for five weeks, with five winners being chosen each week. More details at the link below.

Cataclysm Beta - Guild Contest [Blizzard]


    ahh, the memories

    I've got an invite already, but due to only having 10gb/month available to me on bigpond wireless I haven't downloaded the client.

      i'll take it off your hands.

      Why opt in then and take someone elses chance to play the beta

      Have to agree with Dave, that's a pretty big jerk move. Either download the client or give your key to a friend who will.

        Stop being so butthurt...

        Bro you can download two gigs a month or something and youll get into the beta?

    Cataclysm is looking really exciting! I haven't played WoW since Trail of the Crusader, and the new expansion is sure to drag me back in. Too bad, I had some pretty epic moments with my old guild on Barthilas, if I was still playing i'm sure we could win!

      Barth was my Aussie server before i took a break (manno is my main), and i have to say the trade chat spam was unbelievable.

      also, got very excited when i read the headline! until i saw it was guilds only.. =(

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