Australia's New DSi XL Colours Are...

Yellow, blue and red. They'll go on sale on September 23 alongside the original burgundy and bronze. Here's your chance to make the DSi XL your primary gaming unit.

Primary? Geddit?


    oh so funny... :P

    tempted to look at one of these... but i don't use my DS much as it is... lol

    *shakes head* Goose Goose Goose...

    Such a horrible pun that i have no choice now but to build a statue in your honor..

    Unfortunately these won't even be getting a look in from me. that yellow one also looks like it will get awful dirty awful fast

    I don't understand why Nintendo bother with this?

    The Black Wii was essentially just a black Wii. Nothing more.

    These colours for the DSI XL are really plain at most too. My black DS Lite is still going strong however so I'll stick with that for the time being.

      All about style, obviously.
      It's like how the Lilac PSP from the Hannah Montanna bundle trumps everything.

        I thought the dark green PSP from the LBP bundle was better.

    Correction - primary colours are Red, Green and Blue.

      Ok, now you're just being pedantic.

      Depends on which primary chard your using.

      traditional subtractive primaries are actually red, yellow and blue. this is whats been mainly taught in primary art classes, particularly in painting.

      Additive primaries, which is what you are talking about, is blue, red and green. This is what is used in televisions and monitors.

      The cyan, magenta, and yellow subtractive primaries are used in printing.

      Now who's being pedantic...

        oh... the whole point of that was that Goose's pun was still technically actuate... from a certain point of view...:P

        Damn you for posting 3 minutes earlier than me!
        Shouldn't you be busy working or something!?
        *shakes fist*

      Arguably only for electronic items, no?
      I'm sure most everyone's had to paint in VA during high school, and in art terms, the primary colours are Red, Blue and Yellow. Or if you want to sound like a pretentious twat, Magenta, Cyan and... uh, Yellow.

      Red, Blue & Yellow to me will always be the primary colours... as the rule you get taught growing up is you can't make these colours by combining others...

      Blue & Yellow make Green, so that is a secondary colour. How do you make Yellow?

      Who would have thought a gaming site becomes a primary school art class lesson. Love it!

      Did a bit of reading on good old Wikipedia.
      Don't want to brag but I'm still right:

      Primary Colours - Red, Green, Blue
      Secondary Colours - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

      Red + Green = Yellow
      And I thought I was going crazy when you guys said yellow was a primary colour. I was sure I was taught RGB in primary school.

      I want a gold star now. A smiley stamp is ok too. :-P

        You obviously didn't read the whole article - you will notice, as i pointed out, that there are different primary colors for different media.

          Ahhh did more reading and clicking on Wiki articles.
          I blame it on work as I was flicking between webpages and work related stuff :-P

          However Wiki did say RYB was the formerly standard set of subtractive primary colors.
          So what is the current subtractive primary colors?
          So does that mean RYB aren't primary colours as there are new subtractive primary colours?

        Further to what Chuloopa said...

        Historically, if we go back over hundreds of years ago, before deeper research and the invention of new technology, it's commonly known that the primary colours are Red, Yellow & Blue.

        Artists were painting with these colours and mixes long before movies, TV's and cameras have been around.

          haha for some reason arguing the color charts has been one of my favorite conversations this week - that was awesome! :D

            Hehe yep.
            Instead of "console wars" we have "primary colour wars" instead :-P

            I'm still standing by RGB as the primary colour.
            Doing more wiki reading I found out RYB was the old subtractive primary colour and the new one is actually MYC.

            So going back to the original topic, if these new DSi colours were Yellow, Cyan and Magenta then yes, they are "primary" colours.

            Let's all agree that these new colours are "pretty colours" and not "primary colours". :-P

              tldr: Primary colours are those which cannot be derived from other colours. Red, Yellow, Blue. The RGB thing is more of an industry thing due to CRT and LCD screens.

              Please explain how Yellow could be broken down to at least 2 more basic colours.

    Well, my current DS Lite works just fine, so I can't see myself purchasing one of these. Also, I'll wait until the 3DS arrives.

    Yuk, looks like they'll do Polka Dots next.

    I love the blue but it doesn't justify replacing my brown XL.

    Its almost catch 22

    Release nothing but a stock standard grey unit and have people complain

    or release some colours and have people complain.

    or release some colours have limited edition colours and have even more people complain

    I say lets just start making things all the same light beige colour, then everyone can complain.. over something as trivial as colour.

    You can't trick me into upgrading my DS Lite just yet Nintendo, I'm waiting for the 3DS (although the blue one does look nice)

    i like the blue and green but the yellow looks as if it wont sell that much at all.

    When is the ds 3ds coming out anyways?

    Red, Yellow and Blue are the primary colours taught in school presently.

    getting a dsi xl this christmas, what colour do y'all think i should get?

    I want such a thing but I live far away from Australia

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