Backbreaker Gets A Makeover With Enormous Patch Due Soon

New plays, better AI, a suite of replay cameras and new "focus modes" are among features coming to the football title Backbreaker, possibly as soon as Wednesday, through one of the largest patches I've ever seen for a sports game.

That's the good news; the bad news is sort of that they were needed in the first place. But with the patch - dubbed "Greathouse" for one of the Backbreaker forums' most dedicated contributors - NaturalMotion Games looks to have a more respectable offering available just as Madden NFL 11 releases on Tuesday.

The passing game was one of the original game's biggest complaints, and it has been addressed in two areas: adjusted passing mechanics, stronger pass blocking and tuning to the secondary to reduce the easiness with which interceptions were made. Natural motion vows longer time in the pocket to complete passes, increased quarterback accuracy across the board (especially when throwing to receivers not in "focus mode") and a relocation of the pump-fake command to a shoulder button in hopes of making the frustratingly difficult lob pass easier to execute. In the defensive backfield, corners and safeties "now fully respect their visibility cone, only seeing interception opportunities when appropriate".

However, users on defence now have full control over interception attempts, with the extension of "focus mode" (by holding the left trigger) to defensive players. "Focus mode" catching is also applied to user-controlled wide-receivers. It's also been applied to running backs, where holding the left trigger will turn the camera upfield to see oncoming defenders, while you're headed to the sidelines. Previously, focus mode was applicable to quarterbacks only.

Also of note, the game will now allow you to show or disguise a blitz formation with a pre-snap adjustment on the shoulder button.

As for skills tuning, running backs' trick moves - spins and jukes - will be executed more commensurately with their skill ratings. They'll also react less violently to collisions from teammates, which should allow for better running behind your blockers and between the tackles.

In terms of fixes, NaturalMotion promised a "comprehensive review of penalty complaints" that has reduced the frequency of penalties in the game, including roughing the kicker, which had been a particular problem. Online lag has been reduced "slightly". And a slew of embarrassing inconsistencies with the rules of American football - such as spotting the ball correctly after a missed field goal, accurately calling pass interference, losing a down on intentional grounding and the implementation of the "Holy Roller" rule (restricting how fumbles on fourth down or after the two minute warning are advanced).

Oh, and "Boom" by P.O.D. no longer plays after every kickoff, just the first kickoff of each half.

These are only the highlights of the patch update, which 505 Games expects to be available in the coming week, possibly by Wednesday, I have been told. A PDF describing all fixes and changes in detail can be downloaded here.

While it's good to see such robust post-release support for this kind of title - early Backbreaker adopters, especially those who sold or traded in the title - have good reason to wonder why they got a game that took more than two years to develop and still needed this kind of an overhaul. The gesture toward its loyal community - Greathouse's name now appears in the title screen logo - will no doubt be appreciated. Whether this is enough to recruit new players or bring back disaffected ones remains to be seen.


    "dubbed “Greathouse” for one of the Backbreaker forums’ most dedicated contributors"

    Not sure about this, I thought it was named after the fictional quaterback 'Cougar Greathouse' who plays for the cougars #3. He was the devs and forum members most memorable players (by name) and the inspiration for the patch name.

    ... I Could be wrong?

    I now really want to buy it. If in part only to show developers that this is exactly how to deal with community feedback.

      ... and we need more Aussie players. Not sure how the lag will be post patch but i want locals to play against anyway!

      Get the 360 version and we can test it out!

    The game is already a great alternative to Madden, and very different in the way it controls. I can't believe the Dev's have put so much faith in their game and have sought to push such a massive patch - it restores my faith in the "Anti-Monopoly" gaming movement.

    You can bet your a$$ if EA had to release a patch this big for madden, it would come with a pricetag.

    Well Done 505 Games.

    Great to see this support, even if it is belated to such an extent that it will be missed by most, especially with the impending Madden torrent.

    I <3 me some BackBreaker, so will be all over this patch!

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Guys..... Aussie gamertags please? I want some local players.... XBOX only sorry

    GT: FatShady Live

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