Backbreaker's "Greathouse" Patch Is Now Available

Although it wasn't out by Wednesday it didn't take much longer. Backbreaker's game-remaking "Greathouse" patch is available over both PSN and Xbox Live. See here for a rundown of everything it fixes and adds.


    The passing game and camera angle are drastically improved. The replays are just a joy to watch. The kick and pass animations ad quicker. There are less interceptions and sacks. Generally a better experience.

    There are perhaps a few too many dropped passes but is really enjoyable to play now. And the few queers I have played have had no lag but don't try to play against US players.
    I love the patch and will certainly see me playing it some more. If any Aussies see this please post gamertags for a game.

    Loops now you have to get it. Surely it is going cheap now?

      Just re read my post. I typed on iPod touch so it spell checked it for me. I did not mean to type queers so sorry if it offended. No idea what I was trying to say or how I got it so wrong. Funny as hell though. Lol.

    got it on ps3. so no help with gamertag :(

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