Backbreaker's Officially Bigtime Now - It's Sold Out To KFC

A day after releasing news of its behemoth patch on Xbox 360, the folks who make Backbreaker say its free iPhone version has picked up a Kentucky Fried Chicken sponsorship. Runners will now celebrate with, what else, the Chicken Dance.

This is for Backbreaker Lite - not the paid Backbreaker version (although that only costs $1.19). The iPhone game (also for iPod touch and iPad) is not the full football sim but is instead a port of the very popular Tackle Alley minigame from the console version.

Players will get the "Doublicious Challenge", which is comprised of 10 levels not previously available in Backbreaker Lite. Runners celebrate with the Chicken Dance and high scores go on a special leaderboard.

When I first saw the news I was filled with crushing dread; last year, Madden NFL had a sponsorship deal with KFC that required me to eat and review this meal. Luckily, there's no Backbreaker Super Value Fried Grease Meal Deal coming down the pike. I think.

The shameful, shameful crass commercialism only lasts for the next month or so. But it is 10 more free levels, so have at it!


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