Bargain Hunter: Let’s Go Shopping!

Bargain Hunter: Let’s Go Shopping!

Online retailer CDWow is promoting what it calls its “Sale of the Century” this week. It promises more than 50% off selected games. Let’s take a look.

I’ve picked out a few highlights you might be interested, but you can see the full list of more than 50% titles here and other current deals here. Remember, there’s free shipping on everything as well.

Army of Two: The 40th Day (360) $28.38
Assassin’s Creed II (360) $35.98
Blood Bowl (360) $18.59
Brutal Legend (360) $35.48
Dante’s Inferno (360) $23.98
Final Fantasy XIII (360) $29.18
Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) $29.58
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – Echoes of Time (Wii) $21.58
God of War Collection (PS3) $31.98
Indiana Jones & the Staff of Kings (Wii) $16.19
Lost Planet 2 (PS3) $37.07
Moon (DS) $13.49
Onechanbara (Wii) $17.98
Resident Evil 5 (PS3) $26.39
Wolfenstein (360) $29.18
Yakuza 3 (PS3) $36.98


  • well that’s much better than the “bargains” i sent you.. lol

    i may actually finally pick up Onechanbara at that price… you can never have enough zombies!

  • Hmm, is Final Fantasy worth picking up? I played a few Final Fantasies back in the day… (X, VIII, VII) and quite enjoyed them, but I have heard that the latest isn’t really up to scratch. Should I go on with the series and risk having it leave a bad taste in my mouth or give it a miss and remember the good times I had on the PS2 those years ago.

    • Depends on if you have a 360 or a PS3… if you’ve got a 360 i’d recomment you get something like lost Odyssey which can be found really cheap.

      Also resonance of fate is worth a look.

    • FFXIII is a pretty but ‘hollow’ experience. In other words, don’t expect to max out your characters or get ultimate weapons as you’ll probably just end up finishing the story and leaving it at that.

    • For $30 i would definately say that its worth it. Some of the complaints are valid, namely that the world takes ages to open up, and that it keeps the tutorial feel to long, but honestly once you get the battle system and get into it, it can be quite fun, though not the eidolon battles, screw them. Not worth full price like the other FF, but definately worth it for so cheap.

    • At $30, yes, it is worth it.

      It was a somewhat fun game, but the story could grow confusing at times, and the 40-50 hours I ended up spending on the game weren’t the kind you lose without realising (I felt every single minute past the 30 hour mark).

    • I got it from Game-Lane for $30 last week and haven’t been able to tear myself away. I know lots of people have said ‘meh’, but I can honestly say I love it. If I love, well maybe you will too 🙂

  • Oh – anyone wanting to get blood bowl – i wouldn’t pay over that price as the complete edition with all teams and updates to the game system will be out at the end of the year/start of next year. Personally i’m holding out for that 🙂

  • Is Crystal Chronicles worth it? I’m somewhat of a FF fan but have been out of the loop since X. (don’t own a 360 or PS3)

    • My mate is a big FF fan, so he bought this. Told me it was the worst decision he made, it’s not very deep, looks awful and is full of glitches. I’d avoid it if I were you

  • Only downside: cdwow has very, very long shipping periods. Isn’t really that much of an issue for most of these games, though, only if you plan on buying a new release from them. Oh, the pains of waiting several weeks past the release date! No, no spoilers, keep away! La la la la not listening! WHAT, Vader is Luke’s father?!

  • You’d have to pay me alot more than that to play Bloodbowl again. Horrible horrible game! I’m very tempted by the God of War collection though, If only my stack of shame wasn’t so ridiculously high…

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