Bargain Hunter: New Sonic’s Colourful Price

Bargain Hunter: New Sonic’s Colourful Price

On the same day Sega told us that the new part-2D/part-3D Sonic Colours would launch in Australia on November 11, Kotaku reader Michael pointed us towards an excellent preorder deal for the platformer.

Sonic Colours on Wii carries an RRP of $79.95, pretty standard for a new Wii release. On DS, it carries an RRP of $49.95, also fairly standard. And that’s pretty much what you’ll pay at most retailers.

However, if you preorder from JB Hi-Fi, you can get the Wii version for $44.99 and the DS version for $39.00.

That’s quite a decent saving. Although, with Sonic’s recent record, how many of you are willing to take the punt?

[Thanks for the tip, Michael!]


  • Hmm if JB are offering it that cheap for pre-order, one can only wonder how cheap it will get in the weeks following release.. i’ll bide my time with this one..

  • AU$50 is about the standard price you’ll pay for any PAL Wii game from Australian shelf prices are insane.

    My last two Wii purchases have been from the UK, and it will stay that way as long as we’re forced to pay double for everything.

    And considering the people making the games don’t get more just because I pay more at the counter, I don’t see the point in paying higher prices.

  • Thanks for posting my tip off Mr. Wildgoose!
    Damn did they really change the price?
    My pre order is still “pending” for whatever reason.
    Hope I still get it for $44.99 😀

  • If that was really the price JB were offering, I’d have snapped up the Wii version. I couldn’t argue with a $35 saving.

    $69 is a bit much for me though, considering what I thought of Secret Rings and Black Knight. I’ll wait for a price drop first.

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