Bargain Hunter: Pound For Pound

Bargain Hunter: Pound For Pound

At a Twitter follower’s suggestion I bought some games from UK online retailer Zavvi recently. They had some attractive specials at the time, so I thought I’d take another look today to see if those deals continued.

I picked up a bunch of Wii and DS games (Rune Factory Frontier and Infinite Space to name but two) I’d missed over the last year or so. Not only was I able to get hold of some games I’d likely have trouble finding locally, but I saved a considerable amount of money, too, taking advantage of the relative weakness of the pound.

Today, Zavvi is promoting a “mega sale” with games starting from just £4.95. Are they any good though?

While Russell Grant’s Astrology (DS) or Hasbro Family Game Night (PS2) might not necessarily appeal to Kotaku readers, there’s also the likes of Mass Effect (PC), Dead Space (PC), Dragon Quest: Swords (Wii), Overlord: Dark Legend (Wii), Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (PC) and Dark Void (PC) in that same price bracket. For £1 more you can get Guitar Hero On Tour (DS) or Boom Blox Bash Party (Wii).

At £6.95, there’s Samba De Amigo (Wii), The Witcher (PC) and Rock Band (PS3) while I’d absolutely recommend giving Blast Works (Wii) and Silent Hill Origins (PSP) a go for £7.95. And, at £9.95, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS) is a bargain. My pick, however is the Batman Arkham Asylum: GOTY Edition for £17.95.

All up it’s not as impressive a sale as the one the other week. But I’ll be checking back in future to see if they have any better deals.

I’m curious where you shop online. Which online retailer have you found offering the best deals?


  • I’ve started to use Zavvi almost exclusively now. Their Mega Monday sales are usually bargainalicious, and their postage times are pretty fast.

    Just received No More Heroes 2 and Nier in the mail today. Cost around $60 all up. Now I just need to finish my small (read: humongous) pile of shame so I can play them.

    CD Wow are also good for the odd bargain here and there, plus their postage is always free.

    • Woo! Mega Monday! Yeah, Zavvi’s pretty cool. Though whenever I buy there’s a minimum 2 week postage. But it is quite cheap, so it’s either Zavvi or eBay these days.

  • What’d you think about Infinite Space Dave?
    Crushingly difficult?
    I just can’t get into it, learning curve is nuts.
    After ages got through a few bosses but damn, that was insane.

  • I’ve been using 356games (also known as Xbite games on eBay) lately. Like CD Wow, free shipping to Aus too. I recently bought both Bioshock and Bioshock 2 for PS3 for just under $60 AUD, however I was refunded for Bioshock 1 since they ran out of stock which is ok, nothing to worry about.

    But I mean buying not one, but two current gen games for under $60.. it’s like a saving of $120 if you buy them retail.

  • For the last few months I’ve pretty much only used , which is basically the same as zavvi. I check both before I buy though. Their deals of the week can be totally insane (eg Mass Effect 2 is currently <$30).

  • How much does postage usually cost with Zavvi? and is the cost of games a direct conversion of currency? Help would be much appreciated cause I hate buying overpriced games from EB Games.

    • Postage is a couple of pounds or so. It’s really not much. And conversion is more less direct. You’ll definitely save monies, the only downside is having to wait for it to come in the post.

    • Postage from zavvi is about $5 Aussie.

      To give you an example of price, I bought bioshock 2 from them at 17.95 pound, after shipping it was just over 20. My CC was charged with about AU$35. very happy with the price and the service (it was $70 at JB at the time), took about a week and a half to get to me, no problems, I would use them again.

  • This is old news but for psp, $5 gets you Everybodies Golf 2 or Powerstone Collection at jb hi fi.
    I used to use playAsia but the strengthening US dollar doesn’t stretch as far these days. is pretty good too

  • Zavvi for me. The prices are insane.

    I picked up Dragon Age: Awakening for 12.95 pounds, which is a bargain. However, I think it might be lost in the mail because I got some other cheapies at the same time which I’ve received. First issue I’ve had with them, though.

  • appears to be a ‘reskinned’ Zavvi, not sure what th connection between them is. Anyway they’re having a 10% off everything sale today, I picked up Alpha Protocol for $32. Was waiting for it to get cheap before getting, pretty happy it only took 2 months!

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