Be A Bodyguard, With Kevin Costner Nowhere In Sight

I'm always interested in games that have you doing something unfamiliar. Something not many other games ask of you. Damzel, which has you running a VIP's secutiy detail, sounds like one of those games.

I'd love to say looks like, but this game is at a very early stage, with little else available but a work-in-progress screenshot and a concept pitch. But it's a great concept: you're a bodyguard in a procedurally-generated city, who has to protect your charge from potential threats "that may emerge from within the crowd that inhabits the world".

It's mostly first-person, but there's also a tactical elements, as you have to position your men around the streets and buildings to best protect the VIP. Since the city would change every time you played it, the potential for this would be, well, limitless.

If you're having trouble placing this in context, it's pitched as a mix of Syndicate's "social simulation", ICO's protective influences and Rainbow Six's squad controls.

Damzel (a working title) is planned as a PC downloadable title. Looks like one to keep an eye on!

[Damzel, via IndieGames]


    Shame it won't have Syndicate's Persuadatron, there's nothing like a vast sea of human shields to keep a VIP safe.

      Great potential from such an idea, could evolve into multiplayer/co-op standoff where you have to take down the target. Doesn't even have to involve violence, one such scenario could involve a photographer getting a close shot. Then again I doubt the final product would have such in depth gameplay/polish.

        Then it is up to us to buy lots of copies and force a large developer to take interest.

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