Beatboxer Strikes Back With Street Fighter

Hide the women and children, Japanese beatboxer Hikakin is once again at large. Following up his Super Mario beatbox from June, this time he delivers a not-quite-virtuoso performance of Ken beating Dhalism in Street Fighter.

That modulated moaning when Ken finishes off Dhalism with the shoryuken - I'm not saying it's spot on, but I am saying it's my favourite part. It's certainly better than this one.

Thanks, Raphy, for the tip!


    "Round a wom. Why"

    "Yo wim!"

    Strange to think that a guy with such amazing vocal talent can struggle with phonetics.

    That's how it was back in the days of sf2. How well can you pronounce Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku btw? yeah i thought so.

      Lol, good point, although I fail to see where in my post I mention I have any vocal talent :)

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