Because Buttons Are The Future Of Games Controllers

This is the iPhone Game Pad from Melbourne industrial designers CP Designs. It slips over your iPhone, turning it into a proper gaming device, without all that touchscreen nonsense.

Currently only a working prototype, the Game Pad will hopefully - one day - be available for commercial purchase. Fingers crossed... as opposed to the cross fingers you normally get from iPhone gaming.

iPhone Game Pad [CP Designs, thanks Josh for the tip!]


    If only there were some kind of device you could hold in your hand with buttons built in that you could somehow play games on...

    Jk. That's awesome.

      "Jk", but no seriously that's pretty funny that they're adding something that was removed for the reason of technological advancement (buttons).

        Just because something is seen as the way of the future doesn't mean that its any good or that it works. Or something may be better then the current but gets ditched aka the Concord

          I think that was more of a maintenance issue with the Concorde

          Of course, you're 100% correct, I don't use touch screen mobile phones because I like having buttons.
          But it's still ironic.

    oooh, now if only it had some sort of cartridge or disk drive it woul- i'm sorry i cant complete that with a straight face.

    I don't think the case hiding the actual buttons of the phone is a good idea.
    And now it's iPhone 4 already, hello?
    Shouldn't this prototype have moved on already?

    When I saw what game it was he was playing, I started begging for him to perform:

    Nonetheless! That is an awesome bit of kit, and I would definitely pay good money for the privilege!

    Yeah I think we take those ideas and maybe add another screen on top of the touch screen... :P

    i told someone about this and said to them why don't you just get a psp and they said because i pod touches can play music aswell... they fail.

      While the answer you got was stupid, your question wasn't too great either. A question like "Why not just get a PSP?" is missing the point of a product like this entirely. This, if sold, would probably be a $50 add-on, marketed for people who already have an iPhone or iPod Touch - and that's a lot of people - not as something to replace a more dedicated gaming device.

      Personally, I don't see the point. Touch controls are just fine when the developer takes a bit of care. I'm much more interested in the prospect of playing Donkey Kong Country on my iPhone...

        Hmm, already playing Donkey Kong Country on my Android....

    And if your iPhone 4 experiences signal loss, just blow in the cartridge for 2 minutes.

    I take it this requires jailbreaking to use, unless Nintendo have started releasing their games emulated on an Apple platform. Now that'd be something to see!

      Yes you would need to jailbreak as Apple would not allow the emulator to be published on the app store.

      However, if you buy an Android capable phone (Like the excellent HTC Desire I purchased recently) you can play all the NES, SNES, GBA, Genesis and (some) PSX roms your heart desires - without modding your phone!

    Iphone 4 is already jailbroken!

    But yea, I am thankful that David understood how buttons are still necessary for gaming. Touch screen (well iphone/ipad anyway) is not responsive enough for most games.

      This is only true if you try and take a game from another platform (with buttons) and try and shoe-horn it onto the iPhone. The games that I play most are ones designed with the iPhone's interface in mind and they play awesomely, no buttons required.

        That's true. But not only games that require fast reaction/input, even games that is slow but require buttons are not good on iphone either. FF 1 & 2, Monkey Island, Myst.

        But I don't think there will ever be a game which will work well with iphone unless if it's puzzle. It's the only game which won't break immersion, no need of quick reaction, no annoying on-screen GUI, and still fun.

    I dig the shit out of this.

    iPhone 2G *vomits*

    This is very interesting. One of the greatest flaws I had with the iPhone, and one of the reasons i never succumbed to the hype and bought one (despite being cheap) is the lack of buttons. Touch screens are great, and i love my DS's bottom screen, but when you're playing a game, a serious game, you NEED BUTTONS.

    I'd love to get my hands on this and try it out, although it seems like a bit of a gimmick. I've never been a fan of having to buy a peripheral to play a game, especially on a cell phone. It means I'd have to lug this thing around with me wherever i take my iPhone.

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